Bin Ladin is dead?

wow. And it was us who got him.

54 responses to “Bin Ladin is dead?

  1. Wow indeed and what a great “fuck you” to the Cheney crowd too!


  2. 8 years ago to the day bush made the “mission accomplished” speech


    • And we’re headed into the 11th year in Afghanistan. A great ‘fuck you’ to cheney et al. Notice it happened in Pakistan? That will prove interesting I fear.


  3. Crowds singing the national anthem outside the White House!


  4. And the US has that mass murderer’s body…



  5. I wonder if Trump is going to insist on seeing the “long form” death certificate?


  6. Scriptor Obscura

    Really? Wow, I guess I’ve been sort of out of the loop on the news a little, but my first reaction to this news is to say how do they know for sure? Do they have his body, and can it be proven for sure that it is his body if they do have it?

    Also, it seems to me that it is more than a little convenient that this is being trotted out into the media not long after Obama has launched his reelection campaign, and as Brian in NYC said, exactly eight years to the day that bush made his “mission accomplished” speech?

    Seems just a little too convenient for me, and seems to be a move that is intended to increase public support for Obama at a time when his approval ratings have been dropping, and he needs to shore up public support and momentum behind his reelection campaign. It all sounds a little fishy to me at this initial point in time.

    If they really killed him, great! But it all just seems a little too conveniently timed for me to believe it yet, and until I can see definitive and verifiable proof in the media reports, I prefer to err on the side of caution and disbelief, and not just take and swallow the word of “two [unnamed] United States officials” hook line and sinker before seeing absolute and believable proof. DNA testing, perhaps…I don’t know.


    • US military has the body. DNA confirmed. Operation began in August of 2010. Nothing political about it.

      Ten frackin’ years. Also, Obama just said it was in cooperation with Pakistan. I hope so.

      Beleive it scripta – sounds and looks like the read thing. Justice was sought; justice was gained.


  7. We have the body, try and keep up.


  8. correction Moe….The result will become political for sure…..


  9. The stupidity of dumping the body at sea boggles the mind…another instance of Obama’s tragic criminally-negligent political ineptitude. He couldn’t have set the stage any better for the inevitable conspiracy theories (deathers: the new birthers). That body needed to be returned to the US and pickled so that a tissue sample could be taken weekly for a DNA match.

    Obama picks respecting Muslim burial rights over defusing the obvious deniers? And for a Muslim who was by all accounts a renegade to his own faith? When is this guy going to learn?!??


    • BTW, sorry about a reference to you in one of my replies. I’m afraid I “tuned out” the moment I read “deathers” and “birthers.”

      My apologies.


      • I don’t even know what you said jonolan! I have a very short memory – perhaps I’ll come across it as I read down comments tongiht. Given your apology proceeds my experience of the offense, you are already forgiven!


    • I’ll disagree all around Adam. I think it was critically important geopolitically to respect Muslim burial tradition – we really don’t need to insult the religion of a billion people. And, in spite of what they do, we should always be better.

      We have everything we need to defuse the deniers. DNA is already confirmed; one of his wives did a visual id, and there’s a photo and video record – they’ve not released any photo evidence yet, but eventually they will, if only to stop those deniers.

      But I think the smartest part of a burial at sea was by so doing, we denied Al Quaeda the opportunity to turn a grave into a shrine. Or a target.

      I think it was pitch perfect and good for Obama.


  10. I think the dumping of the body at sea is brilliant, complies with Islamic law and leaves no traces for his supporters to rally around. Of course I’m not scraping the bottom of the barrel as you are to try and find an excuse, no matter stupid, to knock the prez on one of his greatest successes. Obama does in less than 3 years what Bush/Cheney couldn’t do in over 8 years, deal with it.


  11. So many thoughts and emotions around this. First, hopefully it’s true. Then, he doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Who will and probably is running things now…worse? Is it a paper victory? Best was it was a well planned, well executed event. Kudos to the military…that’s how you get the job done.


    • He deserved justice from us – it was essential that we eventually get him for the obvious and symbolic reasons. Al Quaeda will go one, plenty of young idealistic Osama wannabes.

      But I hear that they’re being overrun by events in MidEast, NoAfrica – the ‘Arab Spring’ kind of leaves the constant bitching of the jihadists behind. Or so it’s hoped.

      They’ll still do their mischeif and their deeds, but maybe history will leave them in the dust sooner than we might have hoped.


  12. Personally I have my doubts about the truth of this claim of having just killed Osama bin Laden.

    One – It’s too conveniently timed, especially since Obama’s release of more birth details sets his base up to make statements just like Thrasybulus did above.

    Two – It gives him an excuse to pull out of Afghanistan, though that’s not really a bad thing.

    Three – Most importantly – It beggars my imagination that Osama bin Laden could survive 10 years on the run as he did when he needed constant medical care due to his having total renal failure. Personally I think he’s been dead for years.

    But…My doubts don’t matter very much, even to me; the majority of people believe this and it’s a positive belief that serves America very well.

    I’m not going to spend any real effort into poking holes in it beyond what is necessary to refute the Obama Cultists like Thrasybulus’ claims about other doubters.


  13. Moe….check the media…..Politics……

    The Dog points to the President’s bump in the upcoming polls….


  14. Information still looks a little hazy to conclude this for sure, I guess we will not know for sure until Al Queda comes out into the open about this (if they ever do). Still, it looks like the US has finally bagged its #1 terrorist.

    I agree with jonolan: I too have difficulty believing that a man with renal failure could have lasted this long while the hunt was on. He should have either been caught or his health should have failed before now.

    Wonder how the Pakistanis will react to this…


    • D.I.D.,

      Oddly, that’s part of what makes this such a great lie, if it is one. Al-Qaeda has already come out and condemned the killing. How could they do otherwise?

      Their only other alternative, if this is all a lie, is to admit that Osama died or was killed years ago and that they were using his “ghost” to hold together a fractious group of well-armed psychopaths – not the sort you want to burn by lying to for years and then getting caught at it. 😉

      Still…All war is based upon deception and, if this is a lie, then Obama has shown a shockingly deep understanding of that fact.

      Frankly, though I loath him, he fully deserves – as in he has fully earned – every benefit he gets from this irrespective of of how much of what was said is true.


  15. jonolan were you dropped on your head shortly after birth?


  16. retarded and short tempered, not a pretty combo, that explains your profile pic.


    • I would continue to bandy words with you, but that would serve little purpose, provide little satisfaction, and probably bother Moe.

      Why don’t you arrange to come by Brooklyn sometime (you can contact at your leisure through my blog for scheduling and location) and we can settle our differences as the Gods intended?


  17. Sorry I avoid the outer boros, but if you’re ever allowed on the subway you can take the C train up to see me anytime you like. Just make sure someone pins a note to your shirt with your name and address in case you get lost.


    • Uh, this is a little OT, but if you guys are gonna have a duel or something, could you send me your addresses beforehand? I’m looking for an apartment — either Manhattan or Brooklyn will do fine 🙂


  18. Let’s see; Osama shot and killed. DNA results in a matter of minutes. Body dumped in the sea. Obama found his birth certificate in a box of Cheerios.
    Praise the Lord!
    What dim-wit said this “complies with Islamic law”? (the dumping of the body at sea) Jeez, Brian in NYC just lets all manner of do-do proceed from his mouth … I suppose because he sounds cool … albeit hopelessly ignorant, or just plain stupid.

    Good to “see” you Moe!


    • He’s just another domestic enemy of America dredging up whatever he can to attack the nation that allows him – for now – to live within its borders.

      Soon we’ll deal with his sort with all due prejudice, Steve.


      • Yes jonolan, well put. I think the part that our friends on the left cannot grasp is, when America goes down, we all go down with her … both right and left. We’re sharing the same boat.


      • [Soon we’ll deal with his sort ]

        jonolan – is this what you were referring to upstream? It’s rather disturbing. Would you care to explain what you mean?


        • Moe,

          There’s finally and thankfully a growing intolerance for America’s domestic enemies. Soon, if things go well, the people of America will removed them in some fashion or another.

          This division, Americans vs. what is now called Liberals will not be ended without blood in the streets.


          • So you think those with whom you disagree are traitors? We are ‘the other’ to be eliminated? Where have I heard that before?

            Wow – good thing the Founding generation understood they had to do the job with words – writing the Constitution was fiercely contentious as they had such deep disagreements about what kiind of country this should be. The one thing they agreed on was that a confederation of independant states wasn’t working. But they ultimately got the job done.

            And then they governed – taking turns between philosophies as the parties came into being almost immediately after Washington stepped down.

            That’s the America that’s thrived for well almost 250 years and I guess you don’t beleive in that.


          • I believe that existed and can exist again once the Left is brought closer into line with normative American thought and culture.

            The divide is too wide right now though and growing wider. As it did before, it will come to blood.


          • You’re simply remarkable jonolan – you are so absolutely sure that those who see differently than you are wrong. And it’s ordained from the Truth Machine in the sky or something.

            Human nature and human history say you are wrong. Very wrong. Especially in your assumption that if ‘your side’ ‘wins’ everything would be okay and we could all go out for ice cream.

            I think you’re just mad at some group somewhere and just aching for a fight. What you say is not at all about politics. You’ve chosen an enemy and are looking forward to using weapons. And your ‘enemy’ is multitudes. Shame on you.


          • Sort of, Moe. I’ve always considered politics to be war by other, less honest means.

            As for the idea that I believe that everything with be OK when and if America purges itself of the cancer growing within it – OK, no; better, yes.


          • So instead of considering war the failure of politics, you think war is the first choice? Do I have that right? I guess I do.

            We beleive in different countries. Mine is the United States.


    • Steve – the DNA, islamic law, burial at sea stuff I just addressed upstream in this thread. Please take a look. What you are characterizing this as a side show, I see a thoroughly professional and – as I said above – pitch perfect military operation.

      Today DNA can be established within hours, even faster when you’re the US Military and there are no other tests in line ahead of you!


      • And I addressed the burial at sea thing as well my dear. The DNA thing is a bit of a stretch … kinda wondering if the Seal Team 6 carries the “DNA testing kit” and just whom the designated analysis guy was; and I’m sure they were carrying the DNA of Osama’s family to compare … all within a couple hours. I’ve found from 24 hours to a year and a half:
        You’re right Moe, “side show” Yes ma’am the Obama regime is that to say the least. I’m just amazed people actually fall for the stuff he and his ilk come up with.
        Believe what you want. I stand by my statement, “when America goes down, we all go down with her … both right and left. We’re sharing the same boat.” And sweet thoughts, class warfare, etc. etc. won’t make any difference then.


        • “when America goes down, we all go down with her … both right and left. We’re sharing the same boat.”

          Well Steve, I don’t exactly disagree, but how one would define ‘America goes down’ is certainly not black orwhite. Bet we would disagree on the meaning. The question between the ‘factions’ as the Founders called them is always about what the country actually stands for.

          Arguing over the DNA is silly but . . . obviously they would have done the DNA work at Bagram AFB where they left from. And of course we have Obama’s DNA – there were stories about that years ago when the ‘he’s dead’ rumours were abounding. The Pentagon’s said for a long time it had DNA to confirm if they ever found remains.

          Being of Obama’s ‘ilk’, I guess I’ll not find many areas of agreement with you about his presidency.


  19. I congratulate President Obama on his use of extreme violence to carry out American policy . I said it a million times here that being everybody’s buddy does not work . Trying to be liked in the Muslim World, bad mouthing your own Country to nations who will never like us, is stupid .

    All of the international laws we broke to go into another country and assassinate a private citizen . Maybe Obama can join Bush on the list of war criminals certain folks keep . Maybe Obama has finally figured out how to be President in one area of the job .


  20. Ms. Holland ,

    That was a compliment to President Obama and a slam on the rest of you peaceniks who bought his kumbayai anti war rhetoric . The anti Gitmo, anti military, Nobel Peace Prize winning Barak Obama of 09 would have gotten the permission of the UN, a permit for violating Pakistani air space , and a search warrant before okaying this operation . This new and improved President Obama is almost Bush like in his blood thirsty breaking of international law to seize an opportunity to kill someone who was begging for it .

    He just separated himself from Jimmy Carter . It was about time . If Obama gets good at this I can think of a few clowns in Havana, Pyongyang, Tehran, Caracas, and Harare that no one will ever miss .


  21. I heard they did it on Sunday to preempt Celebrity Apprentice. Take that Donald.


  22. “And, in spite of what they do, we should always be better.”

    Amen to that!!


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