Not safe for work

Every Cinderella has a few stepsisters – or step-cousins – I guess.

Fashion FAIL.

6 responses to “Not safe for work

  1. What the hell her/they wearing?


  2. With all the money in the world – how did they come up with these outfits? They should ask granny for fashion advice.


  3. Personally, I like furniture or candy inspired headgear. But I do think the doorman’s outfit is a bit over the top.


  4. Those hats look like something Monty Python would come up with to make fun of the British. Jeez, who knew millions could be made as a milliner in Britain by designing hats that look like jokes about hats?

    Can’t remember how I ended up here, but found one of your posts making fun of Pat Robertson — one of my favorite targets — and thought I’d check out your blog. Unfortunately, I’m stuck in Virginia with the goober.


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