Donald Trump as Ross Perot

Attention is a narcotic. And I think Trump is eating it up. I think Mr. Trump  wants it to go on.

He’ll never be the GOP candidate, but he could run as an independent. And if he does, it’ll be 1992 all over again. Ross Perot split the Republican vote in the Presidential election, getting  20,000,000 votes, most of which would otherwise have gone to GHW Bush.

Twenty. Million. Votes.

Twice in 20 years – could signal that the Republican Party is indeed dissolving from within.

Wonder what’s next?

12 responses to “Donald Trump as Ross Perot

  1. We can only hope.


  2. Ever since Reagan became president, the Republican Party has been going going down the side of a mountain, and in the past few years it has been picking up speed to destruction.


    • I agree completely. I think they sealed their fate on the floor of the US Senate the night a special law was passed to interfere with a legal medical decision re Terry Schiavo. Bush rushing back to sign the stupid thing was the topper. Totally downhill since then.

      Goldwater, Nixon, Ford, Bush I – all would be quite unacceptable to today’s Republicans. And don’t even mention Eisenhower – socialist through and through.


  3. shortbuswonderkid

    But then, who will protect all the frightened warmongers and the right-wing religious nutbags that think science and fact be the work of the devil? Who will represent the other 45% of USA? Who will dictate over uteruses? (Sp?)


  4. Jon Alter just made the argument that GOP has been the party of fiscal discipline from 1854 – 1980. Always raising taxes to balance the budget. Then came Reagan.

    But the roots of the disease within GOP might look like the late 50s – and those things Eisenhower and Rockefeller warned about in the early 60s.


  5. That said – I think Trump has had his fun.
    The press will kill him.

    And these f-bombs today won’t work for long. The whole thing seems a bit like Robert Moses running for Governor – in the end lecturing and attacking his own voters. Impatient and aggressive. A totalitarian boss like Trump will probably quickly dismiss the masses and politics as hopeless, and go back to making money. More fun, more speed. And more worship.


  6. I think Perot was a lot less scary. He mostly pushed the issue of fiscal balance that Clinton went on to address. Trump seems to pushing a kind of hypernationalism (let’s just take the oil) that I find truly scary.


    • Perot looked at the debt Reagan ran up and was terrified. He ran on that single issue.


    • shortbuswonderkid

      Well, concidering we’ve spent billions every year to make our military mighty and we’ve ignored educating our kids unlike India, we may as well beat on muslim countries for their oil. Bullies get what they want. Lets just give the whole world our middle finger. Might makes right. Hell, if we can kill enough people (ie – muslims, don’t anger the jews or god won’t like us,) we can all drive big trucks to our hearts content.


      • I saw John McCain on the Sunday shows with his usual message. They always have him on even though he’s a johnny one note – it’s always ‘more planes’ ‘more bombs’.


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