FOX tarts up Karen Tumulty

Karen Tumulty is one of the better print reporters who also appears on TV. I’ve become familiar with her from regular appearances on PBS – usually Washington Week in Review – and on some of the cable nets. Tonight she was in “the liberal seat” at FOX News between Charles Krauthammer and Steve Hadley on Special Report.

It appears Gretchen Carlson’s make up guru got at Tumulty because for women on FOX, I guess excellence isn’t enough. It’s all about the eyeliner.

If she appears on FOX again, I hope she has the good sense to politely say ‘come any closer and I’ll make you wish you never saw that makeup wand’.

4 responses to “FOX tarts up Karen Tumulty

  1. I have to say you got me all curious about her appearance, but provided no pic or video.

    I’m curious in an academic, non-erotic, totally pedantic kind of way of course.


    • Heh! 🙂

      Actually, she’s a perfectly ordinary looking professional looking woman. On FOX they had her in eye liner, mascara, eye shadow, lottsa lipstick – the kind of make up a showgirl wears, not a journalist.


  2. Is Karen Tumulty related to Joseph Tumulty, personal secretary to President Thomas Woodrow Wilson? Joseph Tumulty wrote the book, WOODROW WILSON AS I KNOW HIM, copyright 1921.


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