And so it goes

The last typewriter rolls out of the last typewriter factory.

Standing the test of time: The keyboard might not have changed in 100 years, but the typewriter itself has been superseded by the computer

11 responses to “And so it goes

  1. What am I going to do with all my bottles of whiteout now? LOL…An age has passed. Or, maybe I’m just getting really really old.


  2. You still have secretaries that need to type in information onto existing forms . How do you do that with a computer ?


    • Hey Alan! I haven’t seen anyone – much less “secretaries” – use a typewriter in decades. Most forms get filled in on a pdf online like bruce said. Last time I saw a business form that needed filling in, I had just gone to work for the theatre – around 1997. There was one single form, a sort of a cover form, for grant applications to our county commission. Every one complained about having to keep a typewriter just for their damned form and by ’01 it was gone.

      Of course there are still forms around that people fill in by hand.


  3. Mostly by make the form a fill in PDF I suppose. There’ll be a stock of typewriters around for quite some time even if no new ones are being made as well.

    When will the last pay phone be turned off??


    • I know an older gent who uses his typewriter, but the last store that stocked ribbons etc just closed. Now I get them for him on line via Amazon.


  4. Well I have to tell you that all of these relics are still hanging on in various businesses . Even payphones and fax machines . There ain’t a lot of them , but they are still in use .


  5. They’ll take my slide rule when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers.


  6. Can I donate the old typewritters that are taking up space in my barn to the typewritter museum? Relic that I am…what do you use to address envelopes? Please don’t say “pen”.


  7. How many of today’s kids can drive stick ? How many standards are around ?


  8. Driving a stick shift is fun, until the knees go.


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