Words I never hear anymore

  • Guess I’ll have to call back, the line is busy.
  • No answer. I’ll have to call them later.
  • I need directions to your house.
  • Why, it cost hundreds of dollars!
  • Whose turn is it to change the channel?
  • Where’s the fax machine?
  • I’ll check TV Guide.

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14 responses to “Words I never hear anymore

  1. I never hear “I’ll need to see proof of age before I can serve you”. But I guess that says more about me than society.


  2. I never hear, “How may I help you?” because it’s always a freakin’ automatic system that forces me to try and resolve my problem with multiple choice answers.


    • If you have a complaint, please press 4 followed by the pound sign.


    • Good one. I wish I had a dime for every time I’ve plodded through an automated customer service interface, thinking “WHAT BUTTON DO I PUSH TO TALK TO A @#$% HUMAN BEING?”

      Here’s one we don’t hear anymore:

      “Where is the nearest pay phone?”


      • When I get into one of those automated systems, I just listen for whichever one involves money going TO them – like “for additional service, press 4”. I press 4; where there’s an opportunty to sell something, there’s usually a live person on teh other end of the line.


        • I agree. I often find that if its like any service you subscribe to, just hit the number for cancel. That always gets a person on line. I think they think its harder for people to tell a person they want to cancel than to just do it on a web or phone menu.


  3. I work for the government and I’d be happy to help you.
    I’ll fix your carburetor by the time you get back.
    No problem let me fill up the car with lead for you.
    You think its about time to get a new replacement phone from Ma Bell?
    I’m sorry we made a mistake. You will get credit on your next bill.


  4. Business and people of wealth have demonstrated that they don’t have to treat others with respect. One day that will come back to hurt them.


  5. Look it up in the phone book.
    Let’s play a record.
    Where’s a phone booth?
    We’ll get the developed pictures back in a couple of weeks.
    I took it to the repair shop.
    I have to get home to catch my show! (if you have a DVR/video on demand anyway)
    Here’s a mimeographed copy.


  6. On the other hand, I am tired of hearing when checking out of almost any store “did you find everythin okay?”. On the occasions when I have answered “no”, nothing has been done about it.


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  8. Damn Moe…..You ARE good…..

    I love this one!


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