Obama now biggest tax cutter since Ike

The press can’t be bothered with ‘facts’ like this – lying eyes must be silenced. There are opinions to consider.

Beneath all of the Republican and Tea Party grumbling about taxes, one key fact continues to be ignored. According to the Tax Policy Center, Federal taxes are lower than at any time since 1955. Obama has now reduced taxes by more than any president since Dwight D. Eisenhower.

. . . In fact, most Americans have no idea that Barack Obama has lowered taxes. According to a 2010 CBS News/New York Times Poll, only 12% of Americans knew that Obama has lowered taxes. 53% thought that he kept taxes the same, and 24% believed that Obama has raised taxes.

. . . Not surprisingly, only 2% of Tea Party supporters knew that Obama had lowered taxes. 44% of them thought that the President has raised their taxes.

Some good statistics and links at the story remind us that “The US revenue gap could be closed immediately with a tax increase . . .”

But let us not speak of such things. Interferes with the script we so love. And socialism also. Must keep an eye on socialism.

16 responses to “Obama now biggest tax cutter since Ike

  1. Moe,

    I am not surprised by this as tax cuts were about 1/3 of Obama’s stimulus program in 2009.

    That said, Obama has also run bigger deficits in his two years of office than any other president in history (and that includes Bush’s last year of office). He will also likely be the first president in history to run four consecutive $1 trillion deficits.

    While Obama has not increased taxes, he has dramatically increased government spending to the point that S&P reduced America’s debt outlook from stable to negative.


    • One of the points the story made was that the tax cuts also cut revenue and we have a revenue problem..

      That being said, it astonishes me (why am I still capable of surprise!) that people believe the opposite of what’s true.

      The media isn’t liberal – it’s just does a really bad job.


      • My view is that the NYT, MSNBC, NPR, PBS, and CNN are very liberal, while the WSJ and Fox News are very conservative. While I consume all of them (to get as many sides as possible), I prefer The Economist, as it is a foreign news source outside the fray of our domestic politics.

        I do agree though, that the media is doing an awful job.

        I remember reading an article in the WSJ that showed the information about tax cuts, but spun the story as something else entirely. It made me pretty angry when I used it in an argument with a co-worker and then he simply pointed at a chart in the same article to debunk my point.

        I do not like being wrong, and the WSJ spun the story in such a way that I lost an argument.


        • MSNBC is surely liberal in the way FOX is. They’re both really mouthpieces and when I look at htem it’s pretty much for entertainment value. (I am a secret Chris Matthews fan – he drives me NUTS and says the most bizarre things, but when the conversation is pure politics, he knows his stuff. know how it works, knows the districts, the dynamics – I love that stuff.)

          NPR feels liberal to me in their programming (how many stories can one stand about black children discovering their African roots – after 20 generations?); their news doesnt.

          But I’ve never understood how PBS is perceived to be liberal. The News Hour repeatedly polls as the most trusted news on TV – for years now. To me they’re a fine news org and Masterpiece Theatre and other great stuff.

          NYT? Liberal opinion page. WSJ? conservative opinion page. Both are superb news sources. (Dont’ forget, it was the NYT that got us into Iraq and brought Whitewater, Paula Jones to the attnetion of the larger public. In fact, Jeff Gerth’s front page stories WERE Whitewater. )

          CNN, CBS etc? Who cares! They’re terrible.


        • Also, Economist terrific paper. Do you ever check Pro Publica or McClatchey?


  2. CBS terrible!

    How they’ve fallen from when Walter Cronkite was the most trusted man in America. In those days they were a liberal voice, as was most of the media, especially television. Though I think it was more that they were where most of the country was at, at that time, than that there was a leftist plot to retain control. As the contry drifted right the media has to a large degree followed. Hence the lack of much adverse coverage on Iraq or the war on terror until President’s Bush popularity had dropped substantially.

    The media most of all wants ratings, so they’ll reflect popular attidtudes more than shape them usually.


  3. On the tax cut point.

    I think some of his tax cuts have been credits for low income people, and have been sometimes dismissed as “welfare”.

    He hasn’t cut tax rates as far as I know.


  4. Bruce,

    I think the tax cuts are things like cash for clunkers, the renewable energy investment tax credit, and the payroll tax holiday. But you are right, I am pretty sure he has not cut tax rates.


  5. Ms. Holland ,

    I would love an audit of this story, because I flat out refuse to believe it . How much of Obama the not so Great’s tax cuts went to people did not pay any net taxes . If any did, that would make them welfare .


  6. Obama didn’t cut taxes. He was forced to continue the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, at the same time didn’t raise the taxes on the middle class. The middle class and the down and outers are the ones that get duped by the Republicans, when they are running for office, and once they get in, then its screw you suckers.
    The WSJ is owned by Rupert Murdoch, so I don’t take no stock in that publication. The NY Times lost some of their good writers to other publications, and their not as liberal as people think they are. The source I like the best is The Guardian. Good reporting and they tell it like it is.


  7. Don ,

    ” Obama didn’t cut taxes. ”

    Thank you for that .


  8. Nominal tax rates are irrelevant; what you actually pay is what counts. An excellent article by David Cay Johnston, “9 Things The Rich Don’t Want You To Know About Taxes“, helps put US taxation in perspective.


  9. ojmo ,

    Tax rates are not irrelevant. Conservatives such as myself argue that higher taxes matter because they change the behavior of spenders , investors , non entitlement receivers . When Obama gave people a temporary stimulus many people were afraid to spend it, because it was temporary . He never did figure out why it didn’t work , did he ? Why because , most of the stimulus was pork and not tax cuts .

    Someone making long term decisions on buying a house, opening a business, buying vehicles for a business look at multi year tax rates . Then we can’t leave out the constant bashing of wealth and business . The President has too many people afraid to make long term bets on the economy .

    Face it , your guy does not have a clue as to what he is doing .


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