Transporting in every way

Yup. I flew those babies!

Some weeks back I wrote about my 91 year old friend Bessie, with whom I walk most days (Bessie is pretty frisky so that’s not a problem). In another lifetime, during WWII, Bessie was a ‘ferry pilot’ for B-17’s, the workhorses of the war in Europe. She, and other women, flew the planes mostly within the US to get them wherever the Army needed them. Bessie’s about 5’1″ today and says she wasn’t much taller then. Wish I could have seen her in the cockpit!

And just now, old friend Jim sent this stunning video of that very plane. He’s an aeronautical engineer and this stuff is rock n’ roll for him. He says “one of the big reasons why we don’t speak German today.”

Worth a watch – go to full screen. From Jim’s email: [the plane] takes off from Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ and then flies over the Superstition Mountains. to the east of Apache Junction and then on to Roosevelt & Canyon lakes on the east edge of the Phoenix valley. The backdrops are stunning.  Music is from the mini series John Adams. 

H5 – WWII Bombers over Arizona Landscape from H5 Productions on Vimeo.

6 responses to “Transporting in every way

  1. Looks even better on your site. Great introduction about Bessy, the ferry pilot. Please give her my very best, and my profound gratitude for what she did back then.
    Many thanks.


  2. Beautiful…


  3. Me too…..Bless her…..


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