Donald: quack, quack, quack

This morning Kay – who scoops up good stuff every day – goes to Raw Story and brings back the Donald Trump of the first decade of the 21st century. But of course that was a long long time ago.

) “I probably identify more as Democrat.”
Interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, March 2004

2) “I’ve been around for a long time. And it just seems that the economy does better under the Democrats than the Republicans.”
Interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, March 2004

3) “Nancy β€” you’re the best. Congrats. Donald.”
Handwritten note to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, January 2007

4) “Bush is probably the worst president in the history of the United States.”
Interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, March 2007

5) “I’m totally pro-choice.”
Interview with Fox News Sunday, October 1999

6) “I want to see the abortion issue removed from politics. I believe it is a personal decision that should be left to the women and their doctors.”
Remarks to reporters, December 1999

7) “I’m very liberal when it comes to health care. I believe in universal health care.”
Interview with CNN’s Larry King, October 1999.

8) “The Canadian plan also helps Canadians live longer and healthier than Americans… We need, as a nation, to reexamine the single-payer plan.”
Writing in his book, The America We Deserve, January 2000

9) “By imposing a one-time 14.25 percent net-worth tax on the richest individuals and trusts, we can put America on sound financial footing for the next century.”
Writing in his book, The America We Deserve, January 2000

10) “I think he [Obama] has a chance to go down as a great president.”
Interview with NY1, November 2008

25 responses to “Donald: quack, quack, quack

  1. Scriptor Obscura

    Trump isn’t a serious candidate, he’s just running for a publicity stunt, like he does every so often on a somewhat regular basis.

    Do you remember the time when he ran for president many years ago and he passed out moist towelettes for the public to sanitize their hands with before he would shake their hands? Nobody who does something like that could ever get elected, and I’m sure that the moist towelette thing would come up eventually.

    Plus Trump has so many other things in his past that render him totally unelectable. Although given the insanity of the tea partiers and their ilk, one can never tell who might be elected as a result of the insanity of the voting populace…Shudder…


    • I agree that he shouldn’t be taken seriously – but when the roar of the crowds feeds an ego like his . . .. who knows!

      I forgot all about the moist towelette thing. He doesn’t shake hands – big problem for a candidate.

      But you’re right, it’s probably just an entertaining outing for him. And it helps with the tv show of course.


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  3. I doubt very much he will run for president, but if he did, after a couple of lousy showings in the GOP primaries, he would be toast.


    • Hey, welcome Don.
      I’ll bet Trump doesn’t even get to a primary. But he’ll sure have some fun, won’t he.
      Are the lilacs blooming in Mass or are they already gone by?


      • The lilacs haven’t even started yet, and only a few trees have started budding.
        As for the Donald, I do remember all that long ago, he was a Democrat, and was giving money to the Democrats. What this ‘birther crap’ he keeps harping about, is beyond me.
        I did add your blog to my blog roll a few weeks back, and welcome aboard.


  4. Thanks for the heads up Maureen! Your site is one of my favorites.


  5. Thanks for this, and I’m linking up. This list makes it clear to me that he is not serious, never was. What a joke. All publicity probably for a new show.


  6. It’s such a “business” approach to politics the whole thing. Analyze the “market”, “competition” – adjust your “product” and hammer on.

    But if nothing else – he’s damaging the whole GOP field. Only threat to Obama winning a second term at this point is probably low turnout. Unless some wildcard Republican suddenly appears. Which seems unlikely, as they’re all waiting for 2016..


    • Scriptor Obscura

      “But if nothing else – he’s damaging the whole GOP field.”

      If only for this reason, we should all be rooting for him to be the next Republican nominee. With such wingnuts, egomaniacs, and extremists for possible candidates as Bachmann, Palin, Trump, and all the others, it shows the lows that the GOP has sunk to, and what little they have to offer. They are scraping the dregs at the bottom of the barrel.

      With one of them as the the GOP candidate, I can’t wait for the campaign to get into full swing. I might watch just for the laughs and the sheer entertainment value of watching them spout their lunacy and be trounced by Obama in the debates πŸ™‚ Pretty much anything sounds reasonable and intelligent and preferable when compared to Trump and all of the others.


  7. I wouldn’t worry about Trump. He has about as much of a chance making it through the Republican primary as Palin does.


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  9. Thanks Moe…good piece…Last night Spitzer on CNN pointed out something else….

    In running Trump would have to make public ALL of financial dealings….

    I don’t know if he’d like that….


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  11. Guys – all true. And James, I love the idea of Trump having to reveal his finances!

    I agree with mac (T&P) that the GOP is planning to hold its guns for 2016. But we shouldn’t forget 1992 – Clinton got the nomination because Bush Sr was ‘unbeatable’ and the Dems didn’t want to waste firepower on a losing race. Then Bush fell in the polls, Perot jumped in splitting the GOP vote and Clinton won with 40-something percent of the vote.

    Anything is possible. We live in a strange strange world.


  12. I was never a Trump fan since I had read some negative stories about him in the 1970s . Now he is livening up the political scene and at least he has the guts to take on Obama , which all the rest of the potential GOP contenders are not doing very well yet .

    I judge a candidates impact by how much the opposition attacks him . I’ve been waiting for you guys to go after the Donald . You finally have, so I must take him seriously . I do not see him damaging Republicans even though he will not get nominated . What he is doing is drawing your fire away from the rest of the field . He is more a distraction for you than us .

    We do not have to defend him , but you have to defend Obama from his attacks . Krauthammer calls Trump the Al Sharpton of the right and does not like what he is doing . I do not agree .


    • But Alan, Trump is and always was a Democrat. This is pure performance art for him – but meanwhile he IS hurting Romney with the base when he trashes him by name. And at present, Romney is the only one with any chance at all in a general election.


  13. Given a still weak economy (that could easily get pushed back into an outright double dip), I think Obama is most beatable by the right person. Palin, Trump, Bachman are NOT those right people. The right person bag seems pretty empty unfortunately.

    But what if a governor no one’s paying attention to now gets some favorable attention in the next 12 months. Nobody took Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton very seriously when they started running and they eventually won.

    Things are very open.


    • I remember 1992 very well. It was a fluke. Clinton won because in ’91 the Dems thought Bush couldn’t be beat and htey wanted to save thier ‘good’ candidates for ’96, but then Bush’s numbers plummeted and Perot drained 20% of the GOP vote.


  14. Guys,

    Romney is the Republican that you Democrats want to see run against Your hero . That automatically means he can’t win . Not that he wouldn’t be better than Obama . Even Trump would .

    As far as Palin and Bachman not being the right people in your eyes, that is exactly why they are . Reagan was not the right kind either , but he won . Even the moderate Republicans hated him , but he won .

    All that is missing is for a Teddy Kennedy type to challenge Obama , then we could have 1980 all over again .

    You guys are missing Trump’s appeal . It is not what he says, so much as the way he says it . He talks straight and blunt . In contrast to the constant double talk, used car salesman speak of Obama . It’s why Bachman and Palin draw crowds . They do not BS . The folks are tired of that .


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