My life is not my own

At present, my life belongs to an aging Dell VOSTRO that prefers to take its own sweet time doing whatever I ask it to do. It also thinks it’s just fine to leave in the middle of a task and go home for a nap. Sometimes, when I ask it to come to work and bring all its tricks, it leaves the trick bag home. It’s doing everything but putting thumbs in its ears and wiggling the fingers.

I seem to have periodic access – like right now – but  VOSTRO could experience  another PMS attack at any time. Longtime lifesaver Todd, who is really cute and quite shy, was alerted this morning and has already promised to get here today. A fine fellow is Todd.

8 responses to “My life is not my own

  1. He must have done his magic!

    I hope you also got a smile out of him….He, he, he….


    • Actually, he hasn’t been here yet. But VOSTRO has decided to play nice now – which is what my car always does the very day I’ve scheduled it at the garage. (The noise mysteriously goes away.)


  2. If you consider a new one – I would really recommend the Macbook Pro 13. It’s fast, good-looking and mac is always a dream to work with.


  3. Dell. Now it all makes sense.

    I owned a Dell once and swore never to buy one again after the experience.


  4. I didn’t know you were a red head.


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