But that was s-o-o-o 2007

Now that I hear Republicans swooning over “Obama’s own debt commission’ as the gold standard which Obama isn’t honoring because he’s so perfidious, perhaps those Republicans also agree these words from the co-chair of that august commission, former Sen. Alan Simpson (R-WY)?

The biggest spending president in the history of the U.S.? The answer is George W. Bush not President Obama. Never vetoed a single bill, spending bill for six and a half years. And then the Republicans sit there and say, yeah, but this guy is worse than he is three to one.

From Taegan Goddard, via Talk and Politics

11 responses to “But that was s-o-o-o 2007

  1. Now, seeing as the congress controls the budget, what Speaker of the House is the biggest spender of all time?


    • Perhaps we should ask Sen. Simpson. (Speaker has that much power?)


    • Well, Hastert was speaker 99-07 and Pelosi 07-11. Since those two cover the Bush administration (Hastert for six years and Pelosi for 2), I’m guessing Hastert.


    • Actually, the national debt went up almost $8 trillion under Pelosi, more than the combined total of all house speakers before her. Princess Nancy wins the award for the biggest spending speaker in American history.

      Softball question for you Moe, I’m surprised even you tried to spin that one.


      • Back at ya mcoville: what sent the debt up? Was it two wars on money borrowed from China? Was it bailing out Wall Street with close to a billion dollars which happened in ’08? Was it supporting the government as revenue was draining away due to the financial implosion and loss of jobs?

        And of course, most of 2009, her first term as speaker, was on Bush’s budget.


      • I think Simpson spoke to how much was actually borrowed; the debt is different, as it reflects how much we owe, which is cumulative over many years.


  2. This is one of those is Bush or Obama the WORST, that are on the web all the time.

    I think Obama, at least on an average per year basis will outspend and outborrow GWB. However, one can and most Democrats do attribute a lot of Obama spending and required borrowing to the recession that is in turn blamed on Bush by Democrats.

    I think all hinges then on if you blame Bush or Obama for the 2007-2009 recession, and the two sides will never agree.


    • I blame them both equally. Bush raised the bar on progressive spending and then passed the baton to Obama who is carrying it at a high rate of speed. There is very little difference between Bush and Obama when it comes to deficit spending.

      I just get a chuckle out of Dem-sheeple that do all they can to blame a Repub for all the wrongs in the world and would rather fall on a sword than speak ill of the chosen one, Barry Obama, or his handlers Pelosi and Reid.


      • mcoville – I think you can find plenty of harsh criticism of Obama from the left – all over the place in fact. Especially on the big national lefty blogs. There is endless ‘speaking ill’.


  3. ” The biggest spending president in the history of the U.S.? The answer is George W. Bush not President Obama. ”

    Question ? Are you comparing 8 years to 2 years ?


    • Perfectly fair question Alan but Simpson is not the one calling Obama the ‘biggest spender’. He’s noticing that’s the charge being thrown at Obama.


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