A lesson from history. I doubt it’s lost on Obama.

The video below is the panel discussion on a pending government shutdown from PBS’ Washington Week show broadcast on November 17, 1995. It’s a fascinating example of the old adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same”.

The arguments were very much the same as today. The debt was a huge issue for the public; the debt clock had just been erected in Times Square and Ross Perot ran for President on the problem of the debt – he got almost 20% of the vote, which for a third party candidate in this country is enormous.

In that debate fifteen years ago – as seen by politicians and pundits –  Clinton was seen as a compromiser and Gingrich as strong and unmovable. Gingrich’s House had made ‘compromise’ a dirty word which pleased the base in those days. The House Republican freshmen and sophomores were largely new and from outside government. They ran on standing firm about the budget and  social issues, which were more dominant than today – the Religious Right had serious power.

The final outcome? Clinton won the public’s vote; at the end of the battle, he was more popular than he’d been when it began. Republican numbers plummeted and the journey to Gingrich’s ultimate disgrace had begun. Of course, neither Newt nor his congress were done. They went on to impeach Clinton, but he came out of that one even more popular.

Bill Clinton not only bested Gingrich – he beat the national debt too.

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13 responses to “A lesson from history. I doubt it’s lost on Obama.

  1. If it makes ya feel any better my Youtube plugins don’t work after I upgraded my WP.Org site…….He, he, he


  2. No I can see the video…I’m sorry to give you impression it was you…

    I’m talking about MY site….

    Again my bad!

    Your video loads are fine……


    • Well, if you can see it .. . I also checked iwth Orhan and he can see it . . . the problem is with my machine.

      I”m not familiar with the update you’re talking about – would that cause vids to appear to you but not me?


  3. If the rumors about a Wednesday speech are true – tax cuts for rich – and some serious effort to change the course, it would be a very happy day for America. Or at least a potential start for small improvements. Little signs of hope. Who knows – if not Plouffe, Daley and Lew are getting new momentum in things.
    But personal bet from T&P – all hat and no cattle.


    • sorry… takes hikes for rich..

      I’m so brainwashed by the propaganda, can’t even spell hikes anymore.


      • Really? Obama speech Wed? Wouldn’t that be something. It’s long past time for Dems to start beating the drum about revenue and about getting back to a more progressive tax system. They should be talking about it very day! THe conservatives did that about cutting taxes for decades until the idea became conventional wisdom.


  4. too much blogging t&p…..He, he, he…..We’re hooked!


  5. I thought Ryan said we only need to cut the budget to get back on track. Right, Right? I mean, why bring in more revenue? Trickle down economics is the way to go!!! Not.


  6. Children,

    If you don’t get the private economy going, you don’t get no mo tax revenues. Sucking all the money into the public sector kills the private economy . You big libs, including your hero, had better figurr out a way to get private sector growth or the Republican House gains last November will be nothing to what they will be in 2012 .

    Unfortunately for you, the last Democrat who knew anything about economics left office a decade ago .


    • If you don’t get people working you get no tax revenues. And it just doens’t matter private/public sector. All the employees pay taxes. And in the public sector – they’re all HERE, not in Maylasia.


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