From Politico – meet Title X

Primer on Title X: the fund behind the Planned Parenthood rider

With hours remaining before a government shutdown, Title X has become the most-talked about title in D.C. since “Game Change,” but what exactly is it?

House Republicans say there’s no long-term budget deal without defunding it; Senate Democrats, like Dianne Feinstein of California, say the GOP is using the policy point as a way to “really sock it to women.” Many have referred to repealing the measure as defunding “Planned Parenthood” — but that’s not quite the entire picture.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, the umbrella of organizations funded by Title X extends far beyond Planned Parenthood. In 2008, 88 grantees provided family planning services to 5 million women and men through 4,500 clinics, and other health centers and nonprofits.

According to a fact sheet from the Guttmacher Institute, which tracks reproductive health issues, of the 36 million women who needed contraception in 2008, 17.4 million used publicly funded services.

Additionally, Title X only provided for 12 percent of public funds made available for such care. Medicaid, by contrast, accounted for 71 percent.

Title X was approved in 1970, championed on the Hill by former President and then-Congressman George H.W. Bush and signed into law by Richard Nixon.

“We need to make population and family planning household words.” Bush said in 1969 when the legislation was being debated. “We need to take sensationalism out of this topic so that it can no longer be used by militants who have no real knowledge of the voluntary nature of the program but, rather are using it as a political steppingstone. If family planning is anything, it is a public health matter.”

15 responses to “From Politico – meet Title X

  1. But if they funded all that stuff, they wouldn’t be able to fund twenty hours of the war in Afghanistan. We can’t be tolerating gaps like that.


    • Hey murr, welcome back. You are right of course, what could the Dems possibly be thinking getting the priorities all screwed up like that! Another thing – we’d run out of boy soldiers for our forever wars if we stopped all that birthin’.

      Got abortion on the run – now we need to stop that birth control thing.


  2. Right on Murr


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  4. This video was left in the comments on my defunct uterus post. It’s too good not to pass around. (If it doesn’t post, let me know. I’m a klutz sometimes.)


  5. It’s about time someone has begun the serious business of turning back the ridiculous liberal policies of dirty hippies like Richard Nixon and George H. W. Bush.


  6. Do right-wingers realize that eliminating Title X funding would result in a public health disaster — which, by the way, would cost taxpayers even more money down the pike? I’m with Murr on this one. Why is it that our government supposedly can’t afford Title X, but can somehow afford two quagmire wars?


    • Ahab, it’s the same ‘reasoning’ re abortion. Conservatives care very much about the pre-born, but lose interest in the welfare of the born.


  7. And then there’s Oberlin Has Sex!


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  9. Senator Kyl must have pulled that “90% of what Planned Parenthood does is abortions” statement he made on the Senate floor right out of Mike Pence’s ass.

    Not meant to be a factual statement? Good grief, if their position is so high-minded, why do they have to lie about it?


    • That “it wasn’t meant to be factual” statement from Kyl’s office pretty much hits the ceiling. I don’t think anyone can be more astonishingly disengenuous than that!


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