The adults have left the room.

Okay, so our one-story-at-a-time-all-the-time news media are obsessed with the play by play of ‘will they or won’t they?’. Will they pass the 2010-11 budget? Will they pass a continuing resolution? 

Whatever they pass – and they’ll pass something – it takes us to October. So the work on the  2011-12 budget needs to be underway now. And in July we have the matter of raising the debt limit, which is something I believe we have done pretty much every time.

So something will resolve today’s cliff hanger. What’s the next one?  And the next one?

It has occurred to me that maybe all the Republicans  really want is to keep the government shut down long enough to see Grover Norquist smile. Just once.

12 responses to “The adults have left the room.

  1. Moe,
    One of my best birthdays EVER was when the government shutdown in 1995.

    I was scheduled to go on a weekend field training exercise for ROTC in college, which would have been an AWESOME birthday. Let’s see, sleeping in the rain and smelling like a goat on my twentieth birthday, hmm….

    But the government shutdown and it was canceled! PARTY!!!

    My wife, who was my girlfriend then, is sitting here with me, laughing at the memory.


    • Great strory. Keep laughing at your memories – it’s what gets ya up in the morning.


      • Moe,
        Just to be clear, I am not implying that we should shut down the government. I believe the governmnet needs some sort of a wake up call, but I’m not sure whether shutting down the government will accomplish that.

        I was just relating a funny story about how it positively impacted my personal situation over 15 years ago.


        • OMG! You misread me. I really meant it – that’s a delightful story and it made me laugh. And you should hold it close and rerun it often. That’s really what I meant. No sarcasm!


          • Sorry. I wasn’t sure if it was serious or sarcastic, so I hedged my bets.

            I’m still torn on the government shutdown. On the one hand, I think it will be good if it lasted a week. On the other hand, I think it would be an economic disaster if it lasted more than month.

            The good it will bring is that it will highlight which non-essential services are actually essential and which non-essential services are really non-essential. For instance, the WSJ ran an article today saying that IPOs will be held up because the SEC will not be fully staffed (See However, after the last government shutdown, the market was up 5% (See So who knows?)


          • Sean, I think we can make the case either way – a shut down would be a ‘hit the refresh button’ moment or a shut down would cost the country billions and would cause great harm (businesses can’t get loans, colleges can’t get reserach funded and have to lay off yet more people etc etc etc) . . . but ultimately it’s a failure. Our government seems not to be funcitoning and a shut down is the result.


  2. Wonder how all the teabaggers on welfare will feel about this – when the paychecks stop.


  3. During an interview this morning. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) asked about the negotiations and whether he believed in compromise. He said that of course he did… that’s why he thought Republicans should have started with a higher number.


  4. talk and politics ,

    ” Wonder how all the teabaggers on welfare will feel about this – when the paychecks stop. ”

    What makes you think more welfare getters are not Obama zombies . Those guys think Obama will take care of them from his stash .


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