Not every morning is a good morning

Some mornings were just not meant to be. Allow me to share:

  1. Went to a local Senior center (second attempt – they’re closed a lot) to donate/drop off some very expensive drugs (immunosuppressant type that belonged to my brother-in-law-with-the-new-heart because he’d been put on new meds just prior to moving to San Francisco. THEY NO LONGER TAKE THEM.
  2. Stopped at the very fine Mobil station on my corner which is the nicest and least tacky of the convenience stores. Polite staff, wear uniforms, clean as a whistle and the best coffee in town. Was told by clerk that THEY’VE BEEN SOLD TO 7-11.
  3. Headed off to a jeweler (also second attempt) to have an earing repaired and perhaps have my ears re-pierced. CLOSED FOR THE DAY.
  4. While there noticed a satellite Post Office. Thought “oh I wish I had that envelope with misc old stamps with me – I could go in and exchange them for current first class denomination“. PASSED UP ON THE POST OFFICE STOP.
  5. Crossed the street to Salvation Army thinking they might know who takes donations of drugs. They don’t.  SUGGESTED SENIOR CENTER.
  6. While there, rummaging in my tote bag, noticed that in fact I did have those old stamps with me. Returned to the little Post Office and got in line. THEY DON’T TAKE THEM THERE – GO TO MAIN POST OFFICE.
  7. Had originally planned time at an outdoor event after my errands, but it began to rain heavily so I just headed home, where I am now condemned to share the air with . . .
  8. . . . the oven, which had been set to auto-clean just before I left the house. Since I’m home way too early, I reflect on my BAD TIMING.

So I am home, in the rain (okay, blessed rain) with coffee and a paper, smelling the oven,  and wondering what Tuesday has against me.

13 responses to “Not every morning is a good morning

  1. Read Job, it will make you feel better. And stop sinning and your karma will improve. HAHA..oh well go out to that damn pool of yours and gloat. See? That’s what caused it…your showing off about your pool, when we were all freezing in the Midwest. Karma…gets ya every time.


  2. 1. There is a community pharmacy in nokomis that dispenses drkugs to people with limited resources. Give it a try.
    2. First class stamps now being sold are “foever stamps” that will not require additional postage when rates change. Per Nokomis PO.
    3. Does oven cleaning mean the infamoous drawer has been opened?
    4. So now you can get a Slurppie as well as coffee.


    • I always buy the Forever stamps – what I’m trying to dump is an odd collection of old stuff including post cards with preprinted postage. It’s all legal tender.

      RePasse got the drawer open. I now love him above all other persons.

      (Thanks for the pharm lead – I’ve been online looking.)


  3. Hehe, cheer up!
    My grumpy Monday passed quickly – Tuesday is a bliss 🙂
    Nice people, good coffee, free and clear mind.


  4. The post was dated Tuesday?


  5. Will you delete it on Wednesday??


  6. I get the frustration. It’s always bad for any hypothetical problem to:

    1. Ask A if he knows the solution, and A says ask B.
    2. B says ask C.
    3. C says ask: “I think A knows. Ask A”.


  7. With a capital G, and that ryhmes with T and that stand for …


  8. It was only Tuesday, there’s Wednesday to look forward to.


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