Nothing to see here . . . move along

While the punditocracy and the GOP nationwide weeps election-year tears about how Obama has/is is tearing down the nation, here’s some reality (h/t Talk and Politics) for your lying eyes. I detect a direction . . .

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8 responses to “Nothing to see here . . . move along

  1. Some progress, but not nearly enough nor fast enough. Would help if the Republicans came up with some actual plans instead of stone walling. Didn’t they ever hear of lead, follow or get out of the way!


  2. does t&p agree with your conclusion?……He, he, he


  3. It’s kind of stupid argument, but you will run into those who will say note the job losses start after the democratic congress was seated in early 2007.

    Just sayin, be ready to answer that…


    • Right. But even if that were a fair observation (which I don’t beleive – didn’t the economic explosion hit in 2007?), job picture started turning around in 2009, yes?


  4. Woodstock ,

    ” Would help if the Republicans came up with some actual plans instead of stone walling ”

    What planet do you live on ? Your party could not even pass a budget for 2011 with huge majorities in both Houses of Congress. Correction, they Refused to pass a budget for 2011 ! That is called legislative malpractice .

    They are to blame for these 3 week mini budgets we are suffering through . Deny that .

    The GOP has been trying to enact a proven jobs plan .They call it living within your means Federal Government . They have been blocked in this jobs plan by the evil Democrats .

    Even with President Obama and his evil henchmen Harry Reid, Chuck you Schumer , and the rest of the usual suspects trying to shut down the US Government and blame it on Republicans , John Boehner and Co. have managed to get the unemployment rate down to 8.8% .

    They are on target to meet my January prediction of 8.5% unemployment by July . They would already be there except for your party hindering them for political gain .


  5. Alan, taxing the poorest amoung us and taxing unemployment benefits (is that the most hypocrical thing you’ve ever heard of ) while letting the weathiest and corporations go essentially tax free does not get the job done. The GOP is grandstanding with these ridiculous spending cuts. That, too, does not get the job done. The role of govenment is to compromise and have the benefit of the people as it’s primary goal. Have you heard, children in THIS country are starving. And BTW, what is the “GOP proven job plan”?


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