Libya: 20 more years


Norwegian peace studies founder Johan Galtung predicts the Libyan war will last 20 years. Then he points out that if Qadaffi is killed by NATO, it will make him a martyr, and the war will last more than 20 years. He draws some conclusions about the outcome:

“Who the rebels are is not clear; no doubt many, most, all, are strongly and rightly against Gadhafi’s dictatorship. But what are they for, their goals? Educated guess: they will accommodate direct foreign investment, in oil, and a base or two; out of gratitude and to solidify the victory. And the USA has what it has tried for a long time: a NATO base in Africa; and the more so the less peace.

One response to “Libya: 20 more years

  1. When I think of Afghanistan: that war really started with the Russian invasion in the 1970’s. The CIA war was going on there at the same time. When the Russians were finally pushed out, the ‘freedom fighters’ became the Taliban and they terrorized the population until the US came back in 2001. And we’re still there. A 40-year war so far by my reckoning.


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