Let’s see Gov. Scott outlaw this

It’s been raining for three days here and no one is complaining. Rain in March/April is welcome; heck, rain at any time is welcome. Florida gets an average of 55″ annually, but we do have periodic droughts. When we run short, it’s partly because my State hasn’t quite figured out to retain enough of what we get.

In addition, municipalities and counties have been building runoff infrastructure for decades – as a result, water that should be replenishing our life-sustaining aquifer is being spilled into bays and estuaries and oceans, carrying with it plenty of nasty stuff picked up on the roads and golf courses. Stuff that kills living things. This is not good.

But rain is very good.

7 responses to “Let’s see Gov. Scott outlaw this

  1. Fifty-five inches! Enough to drown a midget.

    Speaking of your Gov. Scott, the few clips I’ve seen of him, he looks utterly crazed. Is he mental, or just fabulously greedy?


  2. Scott may not be able to outlaw the rain, but I bet he’d love to control your access to it. In 2000, the World Bank forced Bolivia to privatize the water supply of Cochabamba. The local water utility was sold off to the Bechtel Corporation. Immediately water bills increased an average of 35% (quite a bit when you’re only making $100 a month). It became illegal to gather rainwater for any purpose. Protests began and escalated, culminating in a general strike that eventually forced the company to leave, and catapulted Evo Morales to the Presidency.


  3. How did this guy ever get elected if he is so horrible ? How did Rubio ever get elected ? There must be a lot of Knuckle dragging Conservatives in the sunshine state, or the Senior citizens are having trouble with hanging chads again like when they voted for Bush . 🙂

    And to think Governor Scott just got in . He has 4 years to go . Just trying to cheer you guys up .


    • I never saw an elected official sink so fast. Although Walker and John Cascick might present some competition.

      From The Florida Time-Union (Jacksonville) two days ago:

      “A new poll finds Gov. Rick Scott “incredibly unpopular” among Floridians. More unpopular, in fact, that his embattled GOP counterparts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. . . . Rick Scott was elected by the thinnest of margins in one of the best Republican election years ever,”

      Rubio got elected because Miami adored the guy.


  4. Conservative, yes; knuckle-dragging, no. A recent poll of Floridians shows Scott’s approval rating plummeted among all groups: “Scott would overwhelmingly lose in a rematch to Sink, 56-37. 16% of those who say they voted for him would switch sides, as would 21% of all Republicans.”


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