He’s a creep and he looks like one

And based on no evidence other than his creepiness, I beleive he diddles little boys and whispers ‘don’t tell’. That’s what I think.

8 responses to “He’s a creep and he looks like one

  1. Funny that you base your ‘beliefs’ on nothing…


  2. Yeah, I think so too! Where do they grow these guys?


  3. Oh, puke me out. His creepiness, IMHO, rests chiefly in his minute focus on women’s reproduction and someone scamming abortion on the taxpayer’s nickel when job growth in his state is under 1%.


  4. Imagine his outrage if Viagra was taken removed from medicare paid for drugs.


  5. Add this to my mountain of arguments that men should have no say in this issue.


  6. “Giant loophole”!!??

    So if the law is passed, thousands of women seeking to terminate pregnancy will be lining up to accuse acquaintances, boyfriends, husbands, fathers of rape – just to get that freebie at government expense?


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