I’m wondering, are these REAL Americans?

Scriptor Obscura posted this over at The Conservative Lie. Warms my heart.

6 responses to “I’m wondering, are these REAL Americans?

  1. I thought some of the same. Here we are. These are the people who carry the burdens. Who play by the rules. Who’re doing the good stuff at home and in the communities. And these are the ones the few and wealthy prey upon.


  2. I’m getting so sick of the politics of division, of setting countrymen against themselves. There is enough of it in Canada, especially now that there is a federal election going on here. But all this talk of so-called “Real” Americans from the US Conservatives takes it up to a whole new level and makes me worry for my big neighbour.


    • Makes me worry too D.I.D. I listened in to a few minutes of Limbaugh yestedrday – he now says things that even he wouldn’t have dared say a few years ago. Basically he was challenging teachers just because they were teachers. Saying that they rip off the taxpayer taking their salaries from the taxpayer – it was astonishing. And like all those diatribes, it entirely ignores that they ARE the taxpayers.


  3. Yea we’re ALL Americans……Someone tell that to those out there that are trying cut…cut…cut…..

    So they can give all that cut money to their friends….


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