He’ll always be sitting right there

A theatre friend died Saturday. He was much too young and we loved him too much to have him leave us so soon.

Steve often appeared on stage with kids in the youth theatre productions – there were always adult parts; he was an audience favorite and was cast frequently. He was the first to make new kids feel welcome; he quickly put them at ease and showed them the ropes. They adored him.

He was a snarky and sarcastic fellow which of course was his charm. Steve often sat outside the stage door smoking (yes, smoking), wearing a baseball hat bearing a show logo – from which perch he could greet arrivals with ‘glad to see you decided to join us’.

Sunday night I was still feeling a bit sad when I took Logan and his mom to dinner. We talked a bit about Steve, but Logan was excited about the movie Billy Elliot which he’d just seen (he now wants to be a dancer). Later on at his house he performed his version of a number from that show and he dedicated it to Steve.

7 responses to “He’ll always be sitting right there

  1. maggieannthoeni

    I’m so glad you posted this – it’s just what I needed to witness this evening! A story of adults acting with interest and talent from the heart, followed by a youthful tribute coming from the same source. Thanks to Logan also – his expression for Steve came across well!! (My mind runs the many thanks, to many ‘behind’ this post, that are doubtless in order.) I’ll just say: “Thank you”. I send it toward the collection of people where you are. 🙂


  2. Moe,
    My sympathy to you and to all Steve’s loved ones. He sounds like someone it would be a privilege to have known.


  3. So sorry, Moe. It sounds like Steve really made a difference in this world.


  4. A tragic loss for his family and community. But from what you described, his is a legacy that will not soon be forgotten.


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