What makes Obama, well, Obama

He just sounds so damned convincing

6 responses to “What makes Obama, well, Obama

  1. A+ for inspiration and delivery.

    F- for logic and content. He takes options off the table (rules out ground troops) and makes baseless assertions like that the unrest will spread (I personally think our intervention will increase the likelihood of this in places we don’t want it too).

    And I still don’t know what the U.S.’s endgame is. If it is getting Qaddafi’s forces to withdraw, you cannot achieve this without ground troops.


    • Right, if you watch and listen without full focus, it actually sounds almost plausible. And parts of it sound appallingly like “Mission Accomplished”.


  2. I can’t listen. But I did the Sunday pundit shows which, remarkably, were not awful. Even David Gregory was pretty good. I came away feeling I knew more, understood more. Gate and Clinton were very present. Also Tom Ricks, a very knowledgable fellow. A point I hadn’t considered is protecting the still fragile Egypt and Tunesia from spillover from Libya. That’s interesting. Still – reserving judgement (I seem to always do that with Obama) for a while. If we’re actually out of there in a month, I think it could be a whole new ballgame for US policy re interventions.


    • Do you think the number/scope of US military interventions will increase if the Libyan operation is successful?


      • What I should have said (incomplete thought!) is ‘if we’re out of htere in a month after which the operation is run/staffed by NATO and European and Arab nations, THAT’S what would signal a whole new ballgame. ‘

        Please elvis, please!


  3. I hope that those of us who were skeptical look foolish in a month. Time will tell.


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