My crooked governor

He’s so crooked, he’s a blockbuster movie all by himself. He just escaped indictment last time, although his company was fined $1.7 billion for Medicare fraud. Also, he doesn’t blink. I do not trust people who don’t blink.

(For some weeks, I’ve been trying to write a comprehensive post on my new governor but the stories are popping up with such frequency I can’t finish the thing!)

The good governor is now setting up another sweetheart deal for himself per this at Washington Monthly.

Before inexplicably becoming the governor of the state of Florida, Republican Rick Scott’s most notable accomplishment was pulling off a major health care scam, defrauding taxpayers, and narrowly avoiding a criminal indictment.

That felonious background is of particular interest given Scott’s new scheme to “reform” Medicaid, which may make him an even wealthier man.

. . . Scott is pushing a controversial measure that stands to put millions of tax dollars into his own family’s bank account, profiting from a government-run health care plan after running on a platform in opposition to government-run health care.

The whole story is here.  The company of which he ‘divested himself’ is now wholly owned by his wife. And it’s poised to make tens of millions if the proposed legislation passes.

An oldie. A goodie. My gov.

16 responses to “My crooked governor

  1. I read about this yesterday and again today. What hath Florida wrought? God’s there is gonna be so much buyer’s remorse come recall time…Nobody is waiting for the next elections, they are now obsolete. It’s recall time in America!
    Best of luck with your criminal.


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  3. Politician’s……..


  4. He exhibits a childlike, infantile quality on the video. Is he still like this?


  5. Boy o boy, there sure are going to be a lot of Republicans recalled soon . Governor Scott in Florida, Governor Walker in Wisconsin, plus all of those Republican legislators in Wisconsin . You guys must be ecstatic ?


  6. Ms. Holland ,

    All of us criticize politicians for doing what gets them reelected and not for what they believe is right . How much do you want to be that Governor Walker’s ratings improve ? Mitch Daniels of Indiana did the unpopular fiscal things that turned his State around . He survived and is mentioned as a Presidential Candidate . Even, even Democrat Governors are giving the fiscal caster oil to their State Governments, because that is what must be done . The Democrats are late, but better late than never .


    • Wallace won’t recover because he was so heavy handed. Daniels recovered and is my personal favorite for GOP candidate – the guy beleives in making government work, not destroying it like Wallace.

      The biggest budget hawk out there today is Dem Jerry Brown in CA – when he left the Gov’s mansion 30 years ago, the state was in good shape. Maybe he can fix it again.


  7. Ms. Holland ,

    ” Wallace won’t recover because he was so heavy handed. ”

    I assume you mean Walker . Do you agree that something had to be to reign in costs and you just don’t like how far it went ? Well your Democrats had huge hands also and I betcha they will pay a price for that . I also betcha that Walker will emerge a year from now just fine .

    Actually in your favorite paper the NY Times I was reading what Cuomo was doing in NY State . I found it oh so amusing . Cuomo is being quite Republican like with his budget, but the best was his allowing the millionaire’s tax to lapse .

    Now Cuomo is a hard core one of your stripe . So why would he give millionaire’s a break ? Spin me an Irish yarn .


    • Of course I meant Walker. Also, I should have included Cuomo with Brown as the TWO most serious approaches to repairing budgets. Oh those Republicans who proceeded them sure made a mess.

      As for the federal mess and our debt, I think it’s fair to say the Obama administration isn’t a budget breaker, more like the replacement coach for a team that’s been on a losing streak. This god awful deficit is the only result we could have had from the combo of tax cuts nad spending increases over the last number of decades. Reagan and GWB ran up more debt than any other presidents since WWII. Clinton did a pretty good job of righting it, but Bush brought it right down again. His wars were entirely ‘off budget’. Obama put them back intto his budget. And right now we are living with the awful results of two unaffordable wars, a world wide financial collapse, interest payments that are bitting our butts., and the lowest personal income taxes pretty much ever. We do indeed have to address entitlements too, but that’s been true for 25 years – and Congress has refused to face up to the problem in all that time.

      By the way, The NY Times isn’t just MY favorite paper. It’s the most popular paper in the nation – more people pay money to buy it than any other. That old market tells the story Alan. People know value when they see it.


  8. Ms. Holland ,

    Of course I respectfully disagree with almost everything you just said. I will try to focus on only a few . In Caleefornia Arnold refused to stand up to the Democrats and public sector unions to control spending . In New York similarly Pataki was elected as a fiscal conservative . He wasn’t. There sure were a lot of Democratic governors in both of these states .

    Bush’s wars give you the means to totally excuse the reckless spending and brain dead economics of Obama . I forget, how many jobs did he create or save ? How many million green jobs were created building windmills , solar panels , and having all us insulate our neighbor’s houses ?? 🙂

    If the NY Times is so good, why have it’s finances been going backwards for years ? Why did it have to be bailed out by evil rich guy Carlos Slim ?

    The NY Times has finances like the US under Obama . It’s living off of it’s glorious past . When the Grey Lady turned blue, she went into the red . When Obama went into the White House the ink wells went red .


    • Alan, facts dont seem to work on you – you just make up rebuttals. My favorite from above is – let’s see if I can get this right – CA and NY weren’t the fault of their Republican governors because there were some Democrats breathing somewhere, but the US debt is the sole fault of a Demcoratic president in spite of there being Repubicans breathing out there. Now THAT’S some fancy reasoning.


  9. Ms, Holland ,

    In the last 36 years, only 12 years have been controlled by a Republican Governor in New York State . How does that square with your facts ?

    I have to look up California, but I conceded Schwarzennegger . My point was the Democratic legislatures in each State are the problem . It is up to the governors to stand up to their legislators . There I give Brown credit over girlie man Arnold .

    Those are my facts . And just how much worthless spending did Obama, Pelosi, and Reid do when they ruled the universe ? They couldn’t even do a budget for 2011 and they had more power than Elvis. Shovel ready meant shoveling manure to the American public .

    Just like Democrats in Congress have not made any real proposals to cut spending . They want a shutdown so Republicans will be blamed . They are stalling. Obama is doing nothing on the budget . It isn’t does he lie ? It is does he ever tell the truth ?

    Is Libya another war ? Don’t ask Obama . Are we for regime change ? No, but Qaddaffi must go. So which is it? Is he a liar or an idiot ?

    Everything your guys do is about the next election . Even when to go to war. Strike that. Even when to take ” Kinetic Military Action ” .

    Do you ever get tired of the BS ?


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