Beating the pink slip out the door

He doesn’t need FOX, he thinks he’s Oprah. From the New York Times Business section today:

Glenn Beck Contemplates Starting Own Channel

Dear elvis!

13 responses to “Beating the pink slip out the door

  1. Hi Lady…..yep. No damn time here!
    I did get me a new ‘putter. A Macbook Pro, and loving it. Having time to figure everything out will come. College ends in May.
    Will definitely get you on my list to visit if I ever get a life back.


  2. Boy, you sure know how to read. “Beck thinks he’s Oprah”? That’s not what it says. The NYT is comparing the risk to what Oprah experienced. Otherwise, the article just tells what Beck does in his spare time. Most people work 8-12 hours a day, Beck spends 4-5 on air. Gives him 7-8 hours to do something to generate an income.


    • I refer of course to the ego required to even think about it. In any case, whenever I speak of Glenn Beck I try to be as inaccurate and insulting as possible.

      Maybe he could fill those hours behind the counter at Burger King!


      • He’s not the one thinking about it, the NYT was. All TV personalities have a big ego. It takes an ego to get up there and do what any of them do, and take the crap they do, day in and out.
        Moe, I’m sure he wouldn’t want to take your job away from you.


    • Forgive my bad manners David. I meant to first say welcome. Love to hear a new voice.


  3. Speaking of Oprah, via Andrew Sullivan:

    “I think the presidency is beneath her. There’s more power in being Oprah Winfrey than in being Barack Obama. It would be my goal for Palin to become Oprah and be the ultimate kingmaker for twenty-odd years,” – Andrew Breitbart.


    • Wonder how he plans to turn Palin into Oprah? A little makeup maybe?


      • Apart from Oprah being a woo-enabler and pumping up the sales on lousy books (not all of them, to be fair), Oprah has a number of qualities that set her apart. First, she is extremely driven. From the little I have read on her, even her leisure time is part work. Second, she doesn’t actively try to harm or deceive. Third, she means well.

        Beck is not driven, knows he is being deceitful, and uses hackneyed tricks on his dimwitted audience (again, to be fair, probably no more dimwitted than Oprah’s) to incite them to disrupt institutions he dislikes.

        Palin is not only not driven, she is actively lazy. She even cancel appearances on short notice and famously quit her job as governor when it was inconvenient to her fame-whoring. Second, Palin is often knowingly dishonest, and I sincerely doubt she even cares whether or not she is doing harm. Third, she doesn’t even give enough of a shit to mean well or ill.


    • None of Oprah’s power will do anything when she’s dead. There’s never a Uhaul behind a hearse, ya know?


  4. Do you know anyone who admits to actually watching Glen Beck? Even people I know with tea bags hanging out of their pockets think he’s a fruitcake.

    Charlie Brown said it first. . . GOOD GRIEF!


    • Yeah, I know a lot. I know more who would watch him if he were on in a better timeslot. Fox doesn’t have that to give him, unless OReilley retires.

      He’s not a fruitcake at all, you’re blind to the way government works. You guys didn’t really deny him when he was criticizing Bush, now, did you?


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