Spring has sprung! Spring has sprung!

In my old stomping grounds right now, the crocuses are probably up and daffodils are showing their heads in odd places all over lawns. People like me are probably outside with the kitchen scissors, cutting some forsythia branches to bring inside and ‘force’. And they will bloom – is there anything more exhilarating than a large vase with a dozen long forsythia branches, graceful, reaching and pointing to every corner of the house? I miss that.

The exotic Florida Snowbird

But after 17 years in Florida, I’ve learned to appreciate our own Spring – there are flowering shrubs and lilies of all kinds. A brief rain turns the world green overnight. It’s quite remarkable. And the sweetest sign of spring – snowbirds head home and we can go out to eat again!

10 responses to “Spring has sprung! Spring has sprung!

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  2. I think I spotted that pair near LaGuardia!


  3. Funny, I was cutting some forsythia branches today… the weather is dreary in NY lately. Send some sun from Florida please. 🙂
    Found your post as a recommended one via Zemanta.


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  5. My folks didn’t want to go to Florida, but they just turned 50, and THAT’s the law… 😉


    • Tell them it’s also the law that they must bring a very large American four door sedan and drive s-l-o-w-l-y. With turn signals constantly on.


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