Does anyone do this stuff better than BBC?

PBS is damn good. National Geographic is pretty terrific. But this! Here’s a trailer for the BBC One program (I almost typed ‘programme’ – heh), The Human Planet. It’s 3 minutes and it’s stunning – try to watch it in full screen.  (h/t cousin Lizzie)

2 responses to “Does anyone do this stuff better than BBC?

  1. If you notice….For the Dogs Middle East coverage …I use the BBC …..

    less sensational than the US media…


    • US media – teevee anyway – barely qualifies as reportage anymore. I wish I got BBC America, but PBS does have the half hour BBC world news at ngiht.

      I’m setting up a wireless headphone set on my computer so I can listen to BBC, NPR and Al Jazeera. I dont have time to sit here and watch it, but the headphones let me wander around the house and yard and still listen!

      By the way, I don’t know how you manage to post as much as you do! And meant to ask – why is a 3/18 post sitting atop the 3/22 posts? I think I’ve seen that before at your place and assumed you hadn’t put anything up in some days . . . justs wonderfing . . .


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