Age is merciless

Woke up this morning feeling great and with a busy day ahead. After putting the coffee on, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. I reached up grab my toothbrush and my back screamed  “Oh no you don’t!! Stop it right now!!’ Let me repeat, I had moved my arm slightly away from my body to reach my toothbrush. That is what I did; that is all I did. And that is how it goes, children,  that is how it goes.

I have put on a neck brace (I have one – this has happened before). A shower is out of the question which is annoying as I’ve a ten o’clock date with a dozen people who will be assembled because I asked for their help in a volunteer project. I’ll get to watch them which might cause some hard feelings. I hope the neck brace convinces them that to go easy on judging me.

Blogging will resume later today, assuming the damn neck allows me to use these fingers on keyboard (not actually going very well right now).

9 responses to “Age is merciless

  1. This will be fun, you’re out of commission, I have a sore throat and will stay far away from the hopefully 10 other people showing up. Be a hoot if it were only you and me.


  2. Feel better, both of you. Not that that helps much.


  3. I get pains in places I didn’t know I had…..

    Feel better Moe….


  4. I hate it when that happens. Feel better, Moe.


  5. Does this mean we have to withdraw your entry in the Florida to Kentucky SuperMarathon tomorrow? I was really looking forward to cheering you on from my armchair.


  6. Get a massage(bodywork). Afterall, you tune the car up, you should at least tune the body up.


  7. Ms. Holland,

    I hope you can fix your back . Doctors won’t . They can give you new knees, a new heart, a new kidney, new hips, or a new liver , but try to find a doctor who can fix your aching back .


  8. Back, neck, knees. Irrefutable arguments against “intelligent design.”


  9. Thanks guys for the well wishes . . . I feel fine, but caution is the word for another day or so – no quick moves and the neck brace stays in place, even though it’s HOT. (But that won’t keep me away from the marathon Ric!)


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