Back on the old shores of Tripoli

My nation’s newest war appears to be on CNN but I cannot watch another of my nation’s wars. Off to bed with a book.

8 responses to “Back on the old shores of Tripoli

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  3. I don’t understand why the US has to take the lead on this intervention. The Arab League has many members with powerful militaries (several we’ve paid for) so why not have them take the lead along with the French and Brits who seem gung ho about this operation. A third military action in the Middle East is a mistake not to mention the cost which will be off the charts at a time when supposedly we don’t have money to spend on life saving support services for people with disabilities and others living on the margins in the US. When it comes to war magically we always seem to have the resources!


    • Hey Evan, nice to see you here. What I want to see in Libya is Egyptian troops swarming over the Eastern border to protect the rebels there. A week ago I heard htey were sending in advisors, but haven’t heard any more since then. And just now, I hear that Qaddaffi’s compound in Tripoli was bombed. I sure hope it wasn’t one of ours. Just dropping bombs period, is an act of war by any definition.

      War in three Muslim countries? Million dollar missles? And yeah, hungry kids here. Shame, shame, shame on us.


  4. I think this will be Europes war – initiated by France, and probably (as Sarkozy lose interest) carried on by Britain. France and UN is in the lead, not US. Even the Arab League was on board before Obama.

    But oil and defense must be happy. More work, more money to make.


  5. I think they go for the kill.
    Out with Gaddafi.
    As an accident – as we have no mandate for a state leader assassination in the resolution, other than indirectly to protect the people.
    But, what happens after that, only elvis knows.
    French protectorate mabye?


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