Wake me when it’s over. Or maybe not.

via Atrios, from Wikipedia:

Democrats are expected to have 23 seats up for election, including 2 independents who caucus with the Democrats, while Republicans are only expected to have 10 seats up for election.

How do we overcome numbers like that?  There are 17 Democratic incumbents (plus Bernie Sanders) up and seven Republican incumbents up. That’s a huge gap. Worse, the seven GOP incumbents appear to be the moderate realists (don’t know anything about Barasso or Wicker), who will be forced to run against Tea Party candidates who are mounting serious challenges – well-funded no doubt by “Americans for Prosperity”.

8 responses to “Wake me when it’s over. Or maybe not.

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  2. ” Tea Party candidates who are mounting serious challenges – well-funded no doubt by “Americans for Prosperity”. ”

    So what ?


    • Yup. Dick Armey has been all over the teevee taking credit.


    • I just noticed the ‘so what’. Actually, it’s fine – the movement began real enough, I certainly won’t deny that. But as I’ve written lsewhere, ‘Americans for Prosperity’ doesn’t mean prosperity for the American people – it means prosperity for a very few. They have suckered the Tea Party.


  3. Ms. Holland ,

    I thought you would fall into my rhetorical trap and complain about all of the money Republicans are throwing into and thereby corrupting politics . You were too clever for me .

    Right now the tea party is being suckered by the Republican establishment . Pelosi put $ 105 Billion in this year’s spending to implement Obama-Care. By cutting that, Republicans could meet their promise to cut $ 100 Billion from this year’s spending . Boehner won’t do it .


    • Well, gotta look at numbers . . . tea party vs Repubican party? Boehner, like almost all of them (both sides) votes his re-election and funraising for that reelection. That’s their religion – re-election.


  4. Ms. Holland,

    Boehner like Pelosi does not have to worry about reelection to the House . What he has to worry about is losing the Speaker’s job like Pelosi did . The Tea Party freshmen got elected to cut spending . They are the reason Boehner is Speaker . If he keeps screwing those Tea Party freshmen, he will lose the speaker’s job, exactly like Pelosi . Either because Republicans will lose their majority or the Tea Party freshmen will force him out of the Speakership .

    Time is short and worrying about being blamed for shutting down the government is not a winning strategy. Democrats will keep playing their games . Worrying about compromising with them does not work . They will block all meaningful cuts, it is what they do . It’s like being surprised that Kadafy is breaking the cease fire and killing his people . Why expect anything different ? Deal with it .


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