Weapons of mass reconstruction

Snake dies from silicone poisoning after biting model’s breasts during photoshoot.

A boa constrictor. Honest.

3 responses to “Weapons of mass reconstruction

  1. I truly do believe anything…go ahead, say anything, no matter how outrageous. I will believe it. I will. I’m stripped of any sense of common any more. Trust me…


    • Oh Sherry – I believe you. I really do. The world – especially these last weeks – leaves one a bit breathless. And in the midst of it, a guy on CNN the other day said of a poll that showed 82% favorable for soemthing or other, “the poll suggests that Americans favor [this]”. My head nearly exploded. They just cannot say that the poll says “Americans favor [this] by 82%”. That would just be too definitive and we can’t have that.


  2. Mass reconstruction. . . you have no shame! (And I love that in a blogger!)


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