I hate Daylight Savings Time

I have always hated Daylight Savings Time. I do now, and always will hate Daylight Savings Time.

The only thing the State of Arizona ever did right was say ‘no thanks’ to Daylight Savings.

10 responses to “I hate Daylight Savings Time

  1. UK has a little movement going on about daylight savings – just pushing it one hour forward throughout the whole year.
    More light – more happiness – less energy consumption – less pollution – more tourism – more productive business hours.


  2. Freedom, by the way

    I love more daylight at the end of the day! I wish it were Daylight Savings Time all year! (I get up in the dark anyway). Who needs to see the sun before 7 a.m/?


    • Welcome Freedom – Now if it were daylight savings all year, that would be better I guess. At least my body wouldn’t have to adjust to that abrupt change.


  3. Where’d the notion that DST saves energy? Do people only put on lights at sundown? Does everyone walk around in the dark in the morning? Ok, an hour more light in the summer, lovely. It gets light at 4:30 am. BUT not in the middle of March.


    • DST comes from the First World War – trying to give farmers an extra hour in the fields so they could harvest more crops and feed the troops! (Once, done, never undone.)


  4. I like experiencing hte seasons in their natural state – I love the wsay the sun starts coming up a few minutes earlier every day and one can ease into the new season. Our bodies notice these things, but we run right over it with a hundred year old bit of legislation!

    Plus, in Florida, it means we take an hour out of the coolest part of the day and add it on to the hottest part of the day. Not seeing the upside there.

    I hate it, I say! I hate it!


  5. Personally, I’d like to fall back at least twice a year. This would recognize that everything takes longer than you expect, and we’d be constantly recalibrated to where we’re actually at on schedules.


  6. As someone who gets up at the crack of 8:30, I don’t care about the change in the AM but sure love the later sunsets. The only thing I dislike about DST is having to change the clocks and the 11 timers that govern most things in my house.


    • Ahh, the simple life – the only clocks I have to change manually are car and one battery operated clock. I no longer bother with the phone or microwave – regular power interruptions make that futile.


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