Why The New York Times is The New York Times

Liberal media, my derriere. This is what a real newspaper does. This is what the best does (use the slider function at the link and take your time. Look for the water channels cut into the shorelines. ). Look for anything comparable anywhere else in print. All Japan stories there are worth a look, especially the interactive graphics.

13 responses to “Why The New York Times is The New York Times

  1. Without doubt my hometown paper is the nation’s best!


  2. Good graphics . When the NY Times sticks to news it can be very good . Fortunately this story does not lend itself to ideology .


  3. 500mph! Wow.
    They had another story this morning – about how a unit of tsunami-water weighing 1700lbs hits you in the face at 40mph. Maybe with a car or other debris in it as well.

    And I’m always amazed at the complete indifference of mother nature when things like this happens.


  4. Alas, today’s front page says that on March 28, the NYT will begin digital subscriptions in the US…


    • I got an email about that. We get a level of access – pass that level and you’re denied unless you chose to subscribe. Looks like $15 a month. (But anything you read via a link elsewhere won’t be counted – I think.)

      A few years ago they put up a real pay wall and it was a disaster. think they’ll pull this one off; their plan is more subtle and the idea has become more acceptable. WSJ has been paywalled since the beginning and it works for them. I fear we’ll see more and more and more of this which may compartmentalize the internet – the big papers and mags and SOME websites (the ones iwth real reporters) being one compartment and the blogsphere and web only pubs being another. We’ll see.


      • I think they got it just right. You could work around it with blogs and google, but most people would pay $15 to skip the hassle.

        And if they get about 250k subscribers – that’s $50m of income. Not sure how much that covers though.


        • It’ll be interesting to watch. And I never miss an opportunity to remind us all that the oft-quoted Washington Times sells fewer than 40,000 copies daily. My little local does better than that!


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