Must admit, the lady can turn a phrase

UPDATED BELOW: Maureen Dowd today on Paul Wolfowitz, who is impatient for us to get involved in Libya (and getting time on all the news shows to say so).

Iraq? It'll be a cakewalk.

  “You would think that a major architect of the disastrous wars and interminable occupations in Afghanistan and Iraq would have the good manners to shut up and take up horticulture.”
UPDATE: Well, they’re all crawling back out from under the woodwork. Seems young Billy Kristol, legacy neo-con and  professional chicken-hawk also thinks we ought to go at it. To wit:

“I think at this point you probably have to do more than a no-fly zone. You probably have to tell Qaddafi he has to stop his movement east and that we are going to use assets to stop him from slaughtering people as he moves east across the country. We might take out his ships in the Mediterranean. We might take out tanks and artillery.”

So Bill, you enlisting this time?

8 responses to “Must admit, the lady can turn a phrase

  1. …wolf=wulpa(OHG)=ualpauetzi(N)=to come from below(sea or land). let’s pray for an anal occlusion so he falls silent, then before
    he explodes rush him to againistan and plant him by the roadside
    as karzai’s motorcade passes by.


    • Ahhh, two birds and all. I’d be okay with that. See the update: young Bill Kristol is aboard too.

      Welcome tzopilotl. (perhaps you explain your moniker?)


  2. Way to go, Maureen, both of you. Wish I could write like that, even just once.


  3. Give the sleazy little cowards guns and drop them into Libya. To be honest with you, given the chance I’d happily kick that little bastard to death. Him and the rest of the Neocon scumbags.


  4. How are you using the term “chicken hawk”?


  5. …tzo=tzotl(Nauatl)=t/z/so(i)t/l=soil/sot/sod. -pilotl=piloa(N/verb)=
    spill/spilla(ONorse)/pila(sp)=pilot(E)/spiel(Germ). it’s a buzzard, who pilots above çoa(N/verb)=bleed=zoo/zoons(gk)=bleeders, e.g.,
    pitzotl(N)=pit/z/s/c/g=pig, and, -t/z/sow(E).
    my sign in the book of souls/tonalamatl(N), the writing sign later
    in the mayan tzolkin=tzol=hole(count), and, my spanish teacher, buzzard ben, in whose honor, etc.
    the language nauatl is all languages, starts with 13letters at
    5k bpe then becomes 26 in our abc, at 5k bpe it’s, ace.
    i believe it’s the solution to our education problems:
    kinder should be taught sounds and letters to play with and
    spell, e.g., skworle=squirrel, until they get familiar with
    what i call, letra, how 13 letters became 26. tzopilotl.wordpress.
    examples above: tzo-pilotl/pi-tzotl(N)=soil picker/mud harvester.


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