It hasn’t gone away

While we watch events unfold in Libya and Egypt and Tunisia and Yemen and Somalia and Abu Dhabi and Dubai and (?) Saudi Arabia and Jordan and Syria and as Pakistan teeters (please, please, please, not Pakistan) and Iraq is back to unseemly behavior, may I beg your indulgence and remind that: today is the 156th day of the tenth year of the War in Afghanistan.

16 responses to “It hasn’t gone away

  1. Very good Moe….

    The world IS a very busy place these days……


  2. You may want to use a more appropriate term for what is going on in Afghanistan because its not a War in the traditional sense. Occupation is more exact.


  3. I believe still that taking out the Taliban/al Queda here was the right thing to do. However, we seem to have failed to get some of the most dangerous and ended up attempting nation building. This shouldn’t go on indefinitely.


    • bruce, it was right to go in. It was wrong to stop after six months and turn our attention to Iraq. Had we continued and gotten Bin Laden and the major Al Queda figures, we probably wouldn’t be there today.


  4. You are so right, Moe! Right to go in, yes, but we should be long gone by now. Instead, we have soldiers dying there every week. The Iraq war was a mistake and a tragedy and we shouldn’t rewrite history to whitewash that.

    It breaks my heart to see what we are doing to our military families.


    • maryless – Iraq was the most immoral thing this country ever did. And you’re right, we’re just burning up the souls of our soldiers. So many damaged; so many families destroyed.


  5. Ms. Holland,

    Forgive me for going off topic, but I have noticed you Liberals have been deafeningly quiet on oil and gasoline prices . I mean I can tie this in with the present topic, since you mentioned all of those oil producing middle eastern countries .

    I bring this up because the last time heating oil and gasoline were this expensive, your side wanted to tar and feather our beloved President. Wait, wait, back then Bush was President . I figured it out,, never mind .


    • Oil prices Alan? Econommies are growing again, demand is up, the Middle East is unstable – of course prices are going up. Did ‘my side’ blame oil prices on Bush last time? I sure don’t remember that. I recall liberals being pretty glad prices were getting high enough to shake us out of our forgetfulness about fuel conservation. That prices spike restarted the fuel efficiency discussion and was ultimately a very good thing.


  6. Alan check out the Dog…..
    I’m VERY pissed about gas prices…..


  7. jamesb,

    Thank you for the invitation.


  8. Afghanistan (and Iraq) are quagmires if I ever saw them. What have we really gained after ten years of bloodshed?


  9. Ahab, we have gained nothing except for grieving parents and familes. It breaks my heart.


  10. Ahab,

    ” What have we really gained after ten years of bloodshed? ”

    We have gained the same thing we gained by waging the cold war . It is always better to take the fight to the enemy than to wait for him to take the war to you . Ever hear of 911 or Pearl Harbor ??


    • It is nothing like the Cold War and we’ve gained NOTHING. A trilloin dollars, 6000 US soldiers dead, hundreds of thousands of civilians dead. What the hell have we gained?

      9-11? Oh yeah, that was when 18 Saudis took down the Trade Towers and hit the pentagon. And that had what to do with Iraq again?


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