And the beat goes on . . . .

The broadsheets, the broadcasts and even the intertubes are awash, verily spilling over the inkwells, with stuff. There is much stuff.

There are elections, revolutions, revelations, and retorts of all sorts. There are floods and tsunamis and earthquakes and blizzards. Crops are flourishing, crops are devastated. Children iz learning. Or they izn’t. Spring is coming! Winter will never end! Movies are better than ever; there is nothing on television and Charlie Sheehan is still crazy.

In pundit-land, America’s favorite grumpy old racist granddad, Pat Buchanan, just said of Wisconsin “Walker may have won in the short term, but in the long run . . . . ”  I later heard the young ‘reporters’ on CNN struggle to ‘report’ on the pending tsunami in Hawaii. They look at the earthquake in Japan and tsunami in the Pacific Rim and wonder what is Obama doing. (Grandpa Pat, by the way, is right. Republicans are not going to enjoy the ‘look in the mirror moment’ Walker has unleashed. If we have a shred of decency left though, America will.)

On the “common sense is breaking out!” front, two columns stood out for me yesterday. George Will asked the essential questions about America’s unholy interest in Middle East wars and Gail Collins turned her eye (and I avert mine) to my own interesting State (we are producing Jon-Stewart-level comedy daily).

Will’s questions are for Republicans who would intervene – even at the ‘no fly zone’ level –  in Libya. Among them (my partial summary):

  • Is Libya a vital US interest? A month ago it wasn’t.
  • Have we forgotten that the worse European atrocity since WWII (Bosnia) occurred under a non f ly zone.
  • If Gaddafi hits a US aircraft or captures a US pilot, are we ready for that?
  • If we decide to give war supplies to the rebels, how do we get them there? Oh, and who are they?
  • Libya is tribal. What makes us think we understand or can deal with that (see Afghanistan, 2001 to 2011).
  • Mission creep?
  • If the UN says ‘no’, do we go ahead anyway? And then?
  • Do we want military engagement in three Muslim countries?

Good questions.

Gail Collins turns the spotlight on Florida:

“A state representative has introduced a bill that would impose fines of up to $5 million on any doctor who asks a patient whether he or she owns a gun. This is certainly a new and interesting concept, but I don’t think we can classify it as a response to Tucson. Jason Brodeur, the Republican who thought it up, says it’s a response to the health care reform act.”

We elect these people (see Scott, Rick, subject of largest fine for criminal fraud ever imposed by the United States. We elected him governor). Although the bill will go nowhere, I’m embarrassed.

9 responses to “And the beat goes on . . . .

  1. If only I knew a place to move. I’d return to NYC in a heartbeat if I could afford to live the way we did 20 years ago. I am convinved I was meant to live in the northeast or, at the very least, NOT in the south.


    • Well of course you were meant to live there. So was I. Elvis saw to it that we were born there! And no matter what my dear (sound like Susie?), we’ll never be ‘southren’. Not really. Not ever.

      I am just going to keep my head down.


  2. Finally some sense in George Will again. He’s been far astray way too often lately. (Even if this is a job-killing proposal. The war-machine will suffer.)

    And besides,
    now France wants to have a go – after You sirs.


    • After you sirs indeed! And where hte hell is Italy – Libyans are pouring into Italy.


    • Yeah, I read somewhere they had finally gotten some kind of control of Lampedusa (the tiny Island between Tunis and Sicily – almost swimming distance), but now it’s mayhem again.

      Maybe there’ll be union-style/federal troops in Europe one day – securing the Mediterranean border… building a danged fence!

      But new European military interventions in the Middle East.. this is not fully without some very bad flash-backs.


    • Hi Sean
      This time I think we have reason to hope that common sense will prevail, in spite of the McCains and Liebermans eternally calling for eternal war.


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