I haz a sad



A favorite tree, a tree which has for years been the source of my western summer shade and thus much beloved, is coming down. When the work began this morning I assumed an ordinary periodic raising of the canopy –  then I noticed  noise had been going on too long. So I stepped out – and it’s nearly gone.

This was one of a set of banyan/ficus type trees – both of them about 70 feet high. They bestow grace upon the neighborhood; I hope only one of the two is coming down. But I am afraid.

Nothing is forever.

UPDATE: The tree was taken down because my neighbor (tree was on his property) is going solar. He’s an electrical contractor and knows what he’s doing; his goal is to use the public electric utility only as a ‘backup’. There will be a full array of panels on his roof, so the tree had to go. Ah well . . . .  wonder what it’ll look like?

8 responses to “I haz a sad

  1. Is the GOP behind this? Are you sure?


  2. Why oh why? Is Darren planning to build something there? I’m so sorry…big loss.


  3. Damned environmental wackos!!!

    What will it do to those of us in the utility industry?


  4. Just to be clear. I was mostly being cheeky.

    I’ve even had solar water heat in my previous home.


    • (I know you were being cheeky – so was I!)

      Do you remember when Ronald Reagan tore the solar panels off the White House roof? Thirty years ago we started down a more modern path and then we just stopped. Silly people we are.


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