Egyptian ‘advisors’ to Libya

Well here’s a twist:

The rebellion against the Kadaffi dictatorship in Libya has not produced any official outside help, but Egypt has apparently sent some of its commandos in to help out the largely amateur rebel force. Wearing civilian clothes, the hundred or so Egyptian commandos are officially not there, but are providing crucial skills and experience to help the rebels cope with the largely irregular, and mercenary, force still controlled by the Kadaffi clan. 

The story also mentions something of which I was unaware, that Libya was – for centuries – considered to be part of Egypt.

9 responses to “Egyptian ‘advisors’ to Libya

  1. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    I hate to sound like the conspiracy guy, well hell I am the conspiracy guy so here goes: I would bet the U.S. is behind sending the commandos. That’s how we roll in toppling governments. Send aid, arms, advisers, then troops.
    We helped Kadaffi stay in power over the last ten years for oil and money. It’s time that we helped take this two bit tyrant out.


    • Maybe – the story does mention however that the US is involved, not necessariy with the Egyptian advisors though. You’re right of course that it’s our style, but I really beleive that cooler heads are prevailing here and Gates particularly would (I beleive) go ballistic and maybe even go public if we did any such thing in North Africa.

      Egypt has a serious interest – it’s a big long border they’ve got.


  2. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    We’re not far behind the Egyptians:

    It won’t be long before we’re on Libyan soil if Kadaffi refuses to leave. Most of the time I feel that we shouldn’t interfere and offer to help pick up the pieces once the conflict is over. I’m not so sure that’s the way we should handle Libya.


    • I just heard the new press secty’ say that ‘military action would be a last resort’. So it’s not OFF the table.

      Honestly, have we ever seen a postive outcome in any of these mid-east adventures? It’s awful that he might get away with what he’s doing, but there have been actual genocides elsewhere that we’ve ignored in the last 20 years.

      I hope to elvis we don’t send a single soldier. I’m okay with anything like no-fly or whatever NATO etc or even The Arab League could get behind.


  3. Beneath The Tin Foil Hat

    You’re right about that. In fact, other than WWII, I can’t think of any military ventures of the U.S. that can be redeemed as “justifiable.” I can’t help but waffle on Libya though. Kadaffi is a lot like Mussolini, except with a more eclectic taste for uniforms. I know a military push would be more about protecting the U.S, Britain, and Italy’s business interests, but geez, the guy is like Scott Walker; he just doesn’t know when to throw in the towel. In the mean time, people are suffering there, and looking to the powers that be for help.


    • Different days for sure: we didn’t go after Mussolini and invade Italy. We didn’t go after Hitler and invade German. We didn’t do anything (other than lend lease) until Japan bombed us.


  4. Welcome back Moe!

    Ofcourse is involved…..

    We bank role their military…
    ALL of their senor staff have studied in America….


  5. Of course the US is involved….Sorry about that….


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