YouTube just went and lost me

Boy . . . I step away from the computer for a few days and bandersnatches sneak  in to have some fun with my settings.

Suddenly I am unknown at youtube;, I need a password to sign in. I have tried repeatedly with the password I have on my little list. No go. Clicked the old ‘forgot  my password button’. Set a new one. Tried to sign in again. No go. Tells me another user – me actually – already has my email address so I’ll need to set up a new google account. But hey, fellas! I have settings! I have favorites! I have some history here and I need access to it.

Any ideas? Is it because I forgot the oldie  on Friday? Is this punishment?

15 responses to “YouTube just went and lost me

  1. Yes, it’s a punishment.


  2. It’s because it didn’t rain today.


  3. you should posting a msg in one of their help forums


  4. Why do you need a password? I look at things there on occasion and never needed one.


    • I never needed one before; hell, I never heard of anyone needing one – this has to do with some link with my iGoogle and I am frustrated as hell. It’s very weird.


  5. Hm… you know they say all the good people at google have left now.. left the huge corporate beast.. and joined little start-ups. Therefore lots of bugs and problems are popping up in gmail (accounts and contacts deleted) and youtube. Just sayin.


  6. You lost me again. What is iGoogle?


  7. Some how taht seems just wrong; like a dog chasing it’s tail.


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  9. Probabaly it’s the WP plugin….I recently had to change mine….but my sight is a self hosted one….so I can do that 1…2…3….

    google …check the forums… can also ask them a question via their support form…….


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