Day One didn’t kill me; girding for Day Two

Buy me!

Yard merchantizering is hard, especially on the feet. As expected, the first shopper was standing in my driveway at 7:38 am for an advertised 9 am start. Of course this isn’t Macy’s – the buyer knows I just want to get this shit out of the house and the buyer is correct. At 7:45 am I was taking his money.  And it didn’t slow down till around 11 am. Then fits and starts until 3 pm when I started breaking down from today’s activity, getting everything back into the carport behind the gates.

For almost all of those hours, stalwart friend Elaine stood by saving me from myself and reminding me that the point is to sell this stuff, not to convince that nice lady she should look into joining a seniors entertainment troupe I’m familiar with (I saw her potential right way, after we sang a few songs!).

I then fed myself, showered myself, rested myself and began reorganizing the remnants so I can go from zero to sixty at whatever ungodly hour my public calls tomorrow morning. And I need another shower.

But the coffee is set up, the clothes are laid out, and the alarm clock and cell phone have been instructed to make noise, lots of it, in the dismal hours.

Just poppped  in to say hi. Play nice.

19 responses to “Day One didn’t kill me; girding for Day Two

  1. Moe, you’re motivating me to do the same thing…


  2. OMG, you even got the wreath hung up!


  3. Wish I was closeby would buy the croquet set, some cookbooks, and games-haha. What’s that thing on three legs- easel? that looks cool too 😉 Hope your sale goes well today so don’t have to haul much of it back in-are you holding it on Saturday too?


    • Honey, if you were close by I’d have had you out there working your little butt off! Privledges of age and everything. The easel sold! (yes, that’s what it was -folds up to a suitcase sized carrying case).


  4. That Victorian Housebuilders Guide looks nice.


  5. Hi Moe…..Good luck!…..


  6. Anything worth driving 3,500 miles for???


  7. I’ve gone from Indiana to the west coast in about 4 days. I’m kind of glad I did it, but it was tiring.


  8. Ms. Holland,

    ” Anything worth driving 3,500 miles for???”
    ” Hey, what’s 3500 miles Burce, when we’re talking mason jars without the rubber seals and some cookbooks! ”

    Maybe an online garage sale with almost free shipping. 🙂


    • Actually Alan, I’m about to make my first forays into ebay – I have some first editions and rare(ish) books that are worth a few bucks, and a few other things that didn’t belong in the driveway with $2 stickers on them.

      (I’m also thinking of turning to an acquaintance who sells on ebay constantly – she shops the thrifts and then sells sonline and does well with it. Maybe let her handle it and give her a cut . . . )


  9. If I ever did come to a yardsale by you I could drop in on the backchannel blog in I think Utah, the Erstwhile conservative and Still Skeptical after all these year on the Kansas-Missouri border, and Talk and Politics in Chicago.


    • Backchannel is in Utah? I guess because of Brian in NYC, I thought it was east coast. Have to read it more often I guess.

      Or maybe one of htese days we can all make it to Netroots Nation convention where hundreds, if not thousands, of bloggers gather.


  10. Having looked my carefully, I think BackChannel is in several locations. But this must have made think they had a connection to Utah:

    at least for dog’s eye view. (SL UT = Salt Lake City Utah)


    • Holy elvis! Your posts are up top right above a bunch of big time national names – that’s way way cool.

      That link was a great post – now i know what SL UT is. And I will start visitng there more often. I used to think of it as just a kind of buddy blog. Looks like it’s grown!


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