Take a deep breath on these

It’s a frightening world; it constantly challenges our ability to believe in beauty, sometimes even to see it. But these wonderful artists travel that world, opening their eyes and camera lenses for us. Beauty is indeed still there. Friend Jane sent the link to National Geographic’s 2010 photographic contest, here.

Oasis sunrise


Montana prarie


9 responses to “Take a deep breath on these

  1. I agree, and thank you for sharing the link.


  2. Other than WOW, not much to say. Thanks.


  3. They truly are breathtaking and captured beautifully. I LOVE them.


    • Welcome Gracie – this transplanted New Englander enjoyed your pix of the light at Portland Head. That’s the kind of landscape I always feel drawn too but here I am in sunshine land!


  4. I was born about 35 miles from Boise. So its good to see.


  5. I adore that photo of the prairie storm. It’s impossible not to feel dwarfted and reverent when looking at that image.


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