Most Americans back the unions


The latest New York Times/CBS News poll, “Majority in Poll Back Employees in Public Sector Unions”, shows some interesting results.  Americans overall are against cutting the collective bargaining rights of public unions by almost two to one.  Breaking out the results by political affiliation, a slight majority of Republicans supported removing some bargaining rights, but were outnumbered by opposing majorities of Democrats and independents.  On the whole, Americans (including close to half of Republicans) are not opposed to public workers engaging in collective bargaining.

I think both the politicians and pundits are in for a rude awakening.

UPDATE BY MOE: Public Policy Polling, a Wall Street Journal fav, says it’s about 52/48 in Wisconsin right now, leaning in favor of the unions. There will no doubt be more polls in the coming days.

8 responses to “Most Americans back the unions

  1. I love the new Wisconsin poll that says if they could hold the gubernatorial election again, Wisconsinites would elect the Democratic candidate instead.


    • I think this is backfiring on Walker. If he ends up paying a price for this stunt, it could change the whole conversation around the country. It would be huge.


  2. 50,000 yet? See ya later.


  3. I remember an old saying that rings true even for Unions.

    “If you truly want to test a man’s(person’s) character, give them power”

    Im not so sure they still serve the same purpose.


    • As much as things have changed, and as much as unions have shrunk in this new ‘global economy’ of ours, I think htey still serve an important purpose which is to speak for labor, the third leg of capitalism, which is a stool haivng two other legs – resources and capital. If those who are plain old wage earners in this society are disposable, so is the society eventually. Tragic.


  4. Ms. Holland,

    When tea party people held their peaceful rallies it was remarked that they pretty much cleaned up their trash. When Beck held his rally in Washington it was much the same thing. Very little for security and maintenance to do afterwards, considering the size of the crowd.

    Contrast that with the Wisconsin protesters camped out in Madison . Reports are that $ 7.5 million will be needed to clean up after them and 41 bullets were found in the outside area. Perhaps the bullets were planted, along with the trash .


    • From an article in the Wisconsin State Journal posted this morning: “State officials say $7 million cleanup of state Capitol was overstated“:

      “State officials admitted Friday that they may have overstated cleanup costs related to the recent two-week state Capitol camp-out by as much as $7 million as union leaders and protesters harshly criticized the estimate quoted by a state lawyer at a court hearing Thursday.

      Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch admitted Friday the $7.5 million quoted by DOA lawyer Cari Ann Renlund was “at the high end of the range” and that actual cleanup costs could be as low as $347,500.”

      And no one has the slightest clue where the ammunition found on the ground outside the Capitol came from.


      • It’s Wisconsin – they’re always finding spent bullets on the ground.

        Alan – three hour rally vs 2 week sit in. Can’t compare them. Silly to even try.


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