Blog brag, blog brag, blog brag

I’m inching up . . . six hits away from 50,000! It may very well happen by the time this post goes up. Thanks guys – that’s such a high.

10 responses to “Blog brag, blog brag, blog brag

  1. Definately want to help get to the big number. See ya tomorrow.


  2. Congrats! The most published holland!


  3. * 50,113 hits

    Wow. Congrats!
    50k is really a milestone. I’m so happy you’re doing this!


  4. Impressive! Good work.


  5. Hey Moe, pre-congratulations or congratulations by now.. 🙂

    I’m curious and would like to know what you think about this:

    I’ve only seen half so far, and I have posted it on my blog , the comments (mostly from Vern) are rolling in quick like bunnies. I’d like your input as well if you have time. 🙂


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