It’s Monday.

And I have nothing to say.

12 responses to “It’s Monday.

  1. I hope you are feeling well.


  2. We’re in sync as usual 😉

    And I think it’s more about the news cycle than emotional or creative mood swings. I suspect one gets unbloggy when nothing happens or too bad stuff is dominating the memeorandum.


  3. I hope you are not depressed!


  4. Huh?


  5. I suspect you’re just recovering from the excitment of the Oscars. Tomorrow is a new day – and you can quote me.


  6. Usually the banal middle class conversation in the office on a Monday is to ask “how was your weeked”.

    I’ll answer in advance: “it was OK”.


  7. He, he, he…..

    That’s fine….


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