Ohhh, my aching back

My back hurts. It does that sometimes, and when it does the ache plays hell with any plan to sit and/or concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time. So I get up and down and press my hands against my lower back (a firmly established medical principle by the way). Any attempt to focus and thus distract does not go well.

Quite a shame since I had so much bloggy brilliance  building up inside me. It was  all scheduled to burst forth this very day! But my back hurts.

22 responses to “Ohhh, my aching back

  1. Yeah, but nice bod.


  2. I want to make that scupture. Remember when we looked like that!
    Want Tanja’s phone #? Magic hands!


  3. Get well soon. Maybe tomorrow is better!


  4. Ms. Holland,

    As someone who has had back pain, herniated disc, I have sympathy. Unless you have major trouble that requires medical attention, the best things I have found are very simple. Aspirin, if your body can tolerate it. And a hot water bottle for no more than 20 minutes at a time . Lay on your stomach, put the heat on your lower back . Put a pillow under your chest so that your back is slightly arched .

    I get into arguments about aspirin verses Tylenol, but for me plain old aspirin works better . Be careful that you don’t burn your skin with the hot water bottle, but you want it pretty hot .

    Good luck .


  5. I have found that running has all but alleviated my previously chronic back issues.


    • desert – this thing isn’t chronic for me – yet. It’s been coming and going but I do beleive it’s coming more than going these days!

      Alan – I’m heading to bed right now with ibuprofin and a heating pad!


  6. When I started this blogging thing my back was gone….

    I walk just about everyday so that was good….

    But I try to not be here fro too long at a time…..

    And that’s hard……
    Feel better!


  7. Have you tried yoga? My wife is into that. I get all sorts of aches and pains if I don’t get enough exercise.


    • Haven’t done yoga – but I do manage a good long walk most days. What I’d love to learn is tai chi. Balance is important at a certain, how do you say, ‘age’.


      • I’ve tried that once! Great fun. It’s good exercise, but calm – and the slowmo movement is esthetical and cool. And it’s massaging everything inside your body thoroughly – and you feel fantasticly relieved afterwards.

        And you skip all that yoga-semi-spiritual BS.
        Just Plain and simple and fresh air 🙂


  8. Rest and read…..He, he, he….Hope ya a little better today…..


  9. desertscope,

    I still run a little, but when I was in my late 20s I ran in 10k runs. Not that my times were good, but in training and races I pushed my body to it’s limits. In my early 30s my back was a mess and I blame the running . Some of that was not replacing my running shoes often enough .

    Since I was fortunate enough to get my back to a less painful state, I use back and abdominal exercises to try to keep it that way . A good mattress and chairs don’t hurt either .

    Ms. Holland,

    Running has taught me many painful lessons. Shoes are the most important piece of equipment . Even for walking, get yourself the best running shoes you can . Try on a lot of pairs . Whatever feels the best, buy them, no matter how unfashionable they look .


    • Alan – I can relate to your shoes story. In the early 90’s I was a serious walker – did five miles at a time at home and 10 miles on day trips. One weekend a few friends and I spent the day in Newport RI – we probably put in 20 miles. And I’d carelessly stayed in the same shoes too long. My achilles tendons (both feet!) went into severe distress and I again failed – I didn’t rest them. It took years for my tendons to recover and in the meanwhile I lost my years-old habit and never regained it. Now I walk a mile, maybe two on a really good day.


  10. Glad to see you back on the keyboard…

    Go get good sneakers….Runners World …..call’m they’ll hook you up….

    And keep at it!


  11. I go out at least 4 or 5 times a week…..

    2 to 5 miles….

    it’s good for the body and the soul…..


    • Okay, james, you set the bar high with your schedule there. I’ve got some serious evaluating to do – my running days are over but I think I need to walk longer distances. Fortunately, I live near a wondeful nature preserve where it’s a joy to walk.


  12. walking…when it gets warm…I’ll run a few…..

    old legs can’t do all that running…..


  13. Moe, I just now noticed this post for the first time. I am sorry. I have been coming here a while now, and the thought of you in pain really and truly bothers me. I know all about pain – my teeth destroy me, let me tell you…

    I notice that you did not put up a new post today, I cannot help but wonder if it is because of your back. I hope not, but this is the first time in a while that a day passed with nothing new.

    I have never suffered from back pain, but I have known chronic back pain sufferers. Hopefully it is not so serious as to justify visiting a chiropractor. Hopefully it will pass soon.

    But if it does not…

    I do not know your ethics when it comes to such matters, and I would never recommend something harmful, but if you should need short term relief, there are medications that are especially suited for chronic pain. Ultram ER works good, Moe. Luther takes one daily and it works well for his pain.

    BTW, Luther has been an RN for many years and knows quite a bit. He has seen the effects of medications and illness first hand, so if you ever have any questions about anything or would like to talk, you are welcome to call. 937-393-8307


    • Oh Sam, how kind you are. I thank you. The back pain is not anything I can’t handle. When it flares up it’s hard to find a comfortable postiion so sleeping gets interrupted. But it’s over now – at least for the present!

      I’ve just been unbloggy – the next few days I won’t be at a keyboard much, but I’m not going anywhere!


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