Scott Walker vs. the unions


The most controversial parts of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Budget Repair Bill are in the section “State and Local Government and School District Labor Relations” that covers limits to collective bargaining by public employees. Some of the important points:

  • Many public employees will lose all rights to collectively negotiate better contracts.
  • For public unions that can still negotiate better contracts, the best they’ll be able to do is fight to keep wages even with inflation – it will be illegal to address any other grievance.
  • Public union members who participate in an organized action to stop or slow work (e.g., strike) can be fired – the unions’ main bargaining chip will be swept off the table.
  • Even if a public union manages to negotiate a favorable contract, it can’t last more than a year.
  • Public unions will be forced to hold yearly elections just to maintain their own existence.

Now if that isn’t union-busting, I don’t know what is.

18 responses to “Scott Walker vs. the unions

  1. Just think about all the blood that was spilled getting workers organized; the horendous and low wage conditions people worked under. Someone give this guy a history lesson.


    • Indeed – that was one of the things that mobilized Americans to begin supporting the union movement. The day came when there was too much blood on the streets.


  2. Away with regulations and unions – back to the days of triangle shirtwaist.


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  6. What kills me is that there is really no difference between the structure & purpose of a union & a corporation. If one should no longer be allowed to negotiate government contracts or lobby for friendlier politicians, neither should the other. Just my take.

    You can read the whole thing at


  7. Actually there is a difference in unions and corporations. Unions are generally not subject to anti-trust action, but corporations are.


    • Actually bruce, different methods, but isn’t union busting (like trust busting), with its long rich history, much the same? It was often head bashing instead of legislation, but the result was the same.


  8. My point is just that unions may legally, in some cases, include all workers in the industry in what is effectively collusion to set price. Corporation are at least often prohibited from doing so. I know it does occasionally happen in practice.


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