A letter from Joe

Any reader of this blog knows I am entirely secular and practice no religion. My brother Joe, however, does; he is the current President of Pax Romana, and as such writes the occasional letter to the membership. From today’s letter:

“In these difficult times how important it is, therefore, for Catholic intellectual and professional leaders to listen to the wisdom of the Social Magisterium of the Church. The pope and the bishops of the world continue to proclaim that Catholic doctrine still supports unions, just as initially taught by Pope Leo XIII in his classic encyclical Rerum Novarum, and that today in this new era of globalization unions may be even more important.”

Those words reminded me that struggles for the dignity of work and the worker reach deep into our past. Right now, we’re witnessing a renewed battle, another attempt at some good old fashioned union busting.  Sadly, too many Americans who today share that appetite won’t acknowledge that those very people they rail against are the ones who gave them a five day work week (instead of seven), an eight hour workday (instead of 12), a vacation and a safe work environment.

The great American tradition of shooting ourselves in the foot goes on.

3 responses to “A letter from Joe

  1. I do not have a problem with unions, Moe. I just have a problem with unions such as SEIU head by the marxist Andy Stern, who seeks to unite all workers at the expense of the american dollar.

    It is also because of unions and their ridiculous demands that consumers pay more and inflation is going off the charts. It is because of unions and their demands that jobs are being outsourced to other countries.

    Unions are bad – it is just people trying to get the best for themselves at the expense of americans as a whole…they are no better than the corporate elite.

    I know that this is not feasible right now, but how about tossing these greedy labor unions out the window, and establishing one giant federal union, run by federal officials?

    All americans would be employees of the federal government. The government could freely impose regulations on all corporations and business, effectively taking control of production.

    We could sustain a vast and diverse middle class – things like Affirmative Action would no longer be needed – and the State could take total control of the economic future of this Nation.


  2. I grew up in a UAW home. My dad was part of the era of strikers who endured the hired thugs come with baseball bats to stop the strikes and kill the unions. Unfortunately history is being revised by the crazy right. Almost every right they think they have as workers was obtained by unions. See how fast they disappear if the unions are busted. Unions are not the problem but Corporate America is doing a good job of persuading the unknowing that they are. Sad sad, but so very true. These jackasses somehow think that going backward is the solution. And frankly, I’m not thinking that a bit of socialism is not a good thing. That mantra is old and worthless. Canada, England, and most of Europe do pretty darn well with some socialist innovations in their democracies. There are simply some things that are better handled on a grand scale. I’m so sick of the mantra of free markets. Look where that has gotten us? Nobody envisioned the global conglomerate and it’s abilities to manipulate markets.


    • Sherry, this isn’t the only area where Reupblicans want us to go backward. They’d like we ladies back in the kitchen as well. Their ‘enemy’ always seems to be the people themselves.

      They will meanwhile absolutely deny that we have little bits of socialism all over our civic and government structures – Social Security is the shining example. And it has been a stunning success. And no matter what is being said by those who want to take it down – it’s in great shape, amendable to reforms and able to carry on for another 75 years.


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