Speaking of Texas

Before Governor Good Hair, Texas had this fella. But they lost him when he moved on to do to us what he did to Texas.

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  1. that’s the link at the Dog……


  2. George W. Bush was the worst President we ever had until the next guy came in . Each President always is . Even Democrats now praise Reagan, but when he was in office he was as hated and feared as Bush . The longer Obama is in office, the better Bush will look . It’s a little funny how the guy who lead us through 911 and was elected to a second term is so despised by you guys .

    I kinda doubt that President Palin will make Barack ( see I learned to spell it ) Obama look good .


  3. Yeah, I remember everyone saying that Clinton was so much worse than Bush Sr. Or… maybe… wait… Oh, yeah. Nobody said that. I keep forgetting.


  4. Let me tell you about something about Bush from someone who knows. I was there the entire time he was governor, and my cousin even got to meet him back when he owned the Texas Rangers…

    He is the most arrogant man you could ever be around. He has this cocky, “my shit don’t stink” self assurance that just permeates through him and off of him like no other. I hear he is a real dick.

    Also, I remember back when the State of Texas executed Karla Faye Tucker. All the evangelists – even the pope – appealed to their “born again” governor to grant this woman, who was a born again christian herself, a stay of execution.

    Doug Wead, a political adviser to Bush, had made the case for granting her a stay. Bush called him the next day with his decision, and here is Wead’s quote:
    (quote) G.W called back the next day, and he said,
    “Well, you’re not gonna like my decision. It’s gonna happen.”
    I said, “Well, I hope you are getting some sleep.”
    He replied, “Oh, I sleep – I sleep, I never have a problem sleeping.”
    And that’s true with him. He makes his decision, and bam, he’s gone. There is no regrets with G.W Bush. (end quote)

    And that pretty much sums him up, I think.


    • That’s really what bothered me most about the guy. No matter what sick monster was the subject, I would treat the condemnation and execution with the appropriate gravitas. The man has no sense of dignity.


  5. Uh, guys. A president or governor has got to make decisions. You can’t hem and haw like Barack Obama or Jimmy Carter . I believe I saw a documentary on that woman who was executed . Whatever she turned into on death row, she had to pay for what she did and who she was when she committed murder . I seem to remember there were aggravating circumstances pertaining to the murder .

    There are people who have committed especially brutal murders who deserve more than the quick and clean and relatively suffering free deaths they get in public executions . I always think back to the last moments of their victims when I am tempted to feel sympathy for murderers going to their date with destiny . I am sure that being executed with a hammer and a pickax hurt just little more than the needle that Ms. Tucker got .

    Yea Governor Bush was a real dick to not lose sleep over Tucker ?


    • Yup. A governor has to make decisions and maybe executing Tucker was the right decision. He just didn’t have to enjoy it so much.

      ” Bush’s mocking of Karla Faye came during an interview by Tucker Carlson for Talk magazine, in 1999. It was in response to Carlson asking him for his impressions regarding Karla Faye’s interview on the Larry King show, prior to her execution. “He (Larry King) asked her real difficult questions, like, `What would you say to Governor Bush?'”

      “What was her answer?” I (Tucker Carlson) wonder.

      “`Please,’ Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don’t kill me.'”
      Carlson later confirmed htis in an interview in Salon Magazine.


  6. Ms. Holland ,

    ” “`Please,’ Bush whimpers, his lips pursed in mock desperation, `don’t kill me.’”
    Carlson later confirmed htis in an interview in Salon Magazine. ”

    The Bush people dispute this claim, but for the sake of argument let’s assume it to be true. So what . You just admitted that killing Ms. Tucker was maybe the right thing to do . That is what matters . I would have thought that Ms. Tucker’s religious awakening to Christianity would by itself have eliminated your sympathy for her. If Bush had saved her, you could have said that Bush showed a favoritism towards her because they had the same faith, or maybe race, or something else .

    Well I guess your Bush hatred trumps everything else .


    • [You just admitted that killing Ms. Tucker was maybe the right thing to do . That is what matters ]

      No, Alan, that is not what matters. The entire point of the Tucker story is that Bush is a cruel man. That matters.


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