Half a world in revolt

Some weeks ago I posted that Egypt may be changing our world.

I have my headphones on and am listening to a report from ITN on PBS, my preferred method of watching the news without actually watching. Libya and Bahrain appear to be in genuine revolt. In Bahrain, amidst violence from the government, they’re crying ‘where are the Americans; where are the Brits?” In Libya, the reporter says they don’t care what the US or Brits want or think.  Just hearing these things is a bit jarring.

And then there’s no way of knowing the effect of the US veto in the UN today condemning the ongoing Israeli settlements. The issue is neither the UN’s attempt at condemnation nor the US veto. The issue is will it have any effect on what’s hapepning in the Arab world and if so, what?

By the way, a million showed up today in Cairo – a million – to ‘keep hope alive’.  They’re not done by any means. More clashes could come.

Egypt may be changing our world.

4 responses to “Half a world in revolt

  1. Thanks for sharing – these things need lots of thought and talks.


  2. Do you think President Obama will intervene in that other hot spot ? What was it called? Lets see, it was in the middle east, no that’s not right . Now I remember it’s in the middle of America . They call it Wisconsin .


    • We didn’t intervene in the middle east, our president spoke softly (they know we have a big stick.)

      I beleive our president did the same in Wisconsin. Made some comments.

      Your point Alan?


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