Karl Rove forces my head above waves – briefly

Still laboring on my deadline work, but I coudlnt’ let this go by. 

Did he really say that?

Mr. Karl Rove, great American, has stepped forward to warn his party that the birther movement is going to hurt them. Okay. He’s a political strategist and he knows this stuff and he is right.
But look what he finishes with:

” . . .  Rove wants GOP presidential hopefuls to speak out. “If they’d step forward and say, ‘Look, we’ve got better things to talk about, than to fall into this trap that the White House has laid for us,’ this issue will start to go away.”

Excuse me???

13 responses to “Karl Rove forces my head above waves – briefly

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  2. Obviously, Obama prenatally executed such a mind-bogglingly ridiculous-seeming conspiracy that every person that speaks of it seems like an unhinged crackpot. Don’t fall into his sinister trap!


  3. To all the “Chicken Littles” that keep saying that the sky is falling, and the Unites States will fail, never count against the United States of America, we are coming back and you and your phonies are wrong!

    The Birthers just HATE and can’t debate, where is there proof you might asked? Up where the sun don’t shine, HA, HA, show some proof birthers or people will continue to see you as dumb, stupid or racist, maybe all three. Can you blame them?


  4. Carl Rove being Carl Rove. Is anyone surprised?


  5. It’s so revealing – Rove is projecting his own tactics and paranoia everywhere.


    • Rove’s philosophy (and he even wrote about it) was “find the opponent’s strength and use it to attack them”. A perfect example was mocking John Kerry in the ’04 election over his Purple Heart, saying he wasn’t injured badly ENOUGH, wearing purple bandaids to the convenetion (and by the way insulting thousands of Vets who got Purple Hearts) – and all in service of a daddy-kept-me-out-of-the-big-bad-war frat boy.

      And it worked. So elvis save us.


  6. shortbuswonderkid

    If you look at history, in 1936 Nazism was the cool new kid on the block. Charlie Chaplin nearly ruined his own career attacking them, but by 1942, the Nazis and Fascist had become enemies of the entire world. By 1944 they had completely consumed themselves. History repeats itself.


    • It does kid, it does. Of course, many of us would just as soon skip repeating that particular bit of history.


      • shortbuswonderkid

        We could if we stop putting fascist like Rove into power. Speaking of villians, did you know that W. Bush had to cancel a trip to Switzerland? It seems that he was ‘invited’ to a speaking engagement in Geneva, but found out at the last minute that he was to be arrested for war crimes. He isn’t allowed to leave the US. Seems the rest of the world takes the Geneva Convention seriously, and torturing people in Cuba is still a crime.


        • Yeah, I heard about that. Notice also that Henry Kissinger hasn’t traveled outside the US in 30 years. Same reason.

          Man, I’d love to see one of those Bush guys do the perp walk.


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  8. Perhaps more plausible than than a prenatal plot is that the Nazi as their empires was ending in 1945, planned out the whole rebirth of fascism (Obama is a a fascist per Glenn Beck, right?) using a child to be born about 15 years in the future.


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