Rush threatens Obama with democracy

This brief post by guest blogger Orhan is the first of what I hope will be many. He still toils in the frigid canyons of New York but maybe dreams of the Sunshine State. I really must ask him.      –  Moe


Rush tells us that if the Tea Party fails and Obamacare is not repealed in 2012, “WE GO EGYPT ON OBAMA”.

6 responses to “Rush threatens Obama with democracy

  1. A President elected with sizable majority of the vote and whose tenure can not exceed two terms is exactly identical to Vice President turned Dictator-for-Life.


    • So Ronald Reagan is “exactly identical” to Hosni Mubarak.

      When the Right claims it’s willing to take to the streets to defend America from the threat of universal health care, it really is ludicrous, especially in light of US support for tin-pot dictators like Mubarak and the Shah.


  2. Rush as usual misunderstands. Egypt was a dictatorship, so a revolution is the way to give people control of their government. Here we have ELECTIONS, and Rush sad to say, doesn’t get that we had one, and his side lost. They are such sore losers.


  3. So an elected leader that has a constitutionally legitamite claim to his office is somehow comparable to a 30-year ruling unconstitutional autocrat?

    Overthrowing a dictator can lead to democracy. Overthrowing a democracy leads to rule of the most violent mobs.


    • The guy can pretty much say whatever he wants, weave all sorts of ‘proof’, promise his listeners – as always – that someone is out to get them, tell them who that someone is and why they should be afraid and why they should get angry. And then, if things ever heat up, the fat man can retreat behind his bodyguards and walls in Palm Beach with his cat and his fourth wife. It’s good to be Rush Limbaugh.


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